Top 5 Ideas for Cat Lover’s to make Cat’s Birthday Special

Our Pets are like our soul mate, they love us no matter what. When we are having a bad day, it is they who make us smile and be with us. They are the most important part of our life and bring us joy. So if your fur ball’s birthday is coming around, get ready to surprise them with the best surprises so that they will feel special.

Thus we are here with the top 5 ideas to make your cat’s birthday very special and being a cat lover you will love these amazing ideas to surprise your cat.

  • Organizing the Festivities

Decide whether your cat would a birthday party and look at how many of your friends have cats so that even your cat enjoy the party with other cats. You can invite your friends with their cats and make cat-friendly birthday cakes that have meat and other treats the cats can enjoy. You can also design a lovely invitation card for your cat’s birthday party. Get the food and snacks from a local pet store the pets would enjoy eating. And do not forget to dress your cat in brand new attire for the party. Make birthday cake delivery to your near and dear ones and convey birthday wishes through the sweet treat.

  • Giving your Cat presents

There are thousands of cat toys available online, so find a perfect toy for your cat it will obsess over for the next few days. It can be anything like she could snuggle or play with and pass the time with the toy when you are not around. Thus add lovely cat toys to her already overflowing toy basket. You can also buy some catnip toys so that the cat will have good times not only on its birthday but even after it. And you will also love your cat playing with these lovely toys and having fun. You can also buy their favorite treats.

  • Buy Cat themed decorations for a party

Your cat loves strings and puffballs, so you can buy toys like this online or make them yourself with the help of your friends. So if you will have other cats of your friends invited to this party, your cat and other cats will have great fun playing with these decorations. You can catify your friends with cat ears headband so your cat will feel special as humans are turned into a cat. You can decorate the place with toy mice and embroidery hoops. Thus even after party, your cat will have toys she can play with later. Send birthday gifts online to your friends and relatives on their special day and wish them a very happy birthday through lovely gifts.

  • Donate to a charity in name of your cat

If you are a cat lover for real, you would feel pity for other street cats in need that do not have shelter. So you can visit any cat shelter home and ask them what kind of supplies they require for the cat and provide them the same in the name of your cat. Your cat wouldn’t really understand any of this, but her birthday would be a great day to do this. Even if you are organizing the party for your cat, you can keep a donation box and ask your friends to contribute for this noble cause and help the cats in need. The donation can be in cash or kind as the old toys or bed of their pets if they have abandoned it or bought new ones. In addition to the above, another way to help street cats is to raise funds via the use of current online technologies. For example, you can start an online pet fundraiser via the use of online fundraising platforms such as the ABC Fundraising which is free and takes as little as 5 minutes to set up. Overpopulation of free, roaming cats is a well-known issue and one which you can help elevate by starting an online fundraiser campaign.

  • Keeping your Cat happy

There are many ways to keep your cat happy, you can put fresh blankets on your cat’s bed or you can allow your cat to the places you generally restrict so that they can play there. There would be a corner at your home where your cat loves spending time or snuggle, so open the curtains there and let it sunbathe. You can pet your cat extra for the day as it is not a usual day so it will feel extra special. Let it cuddle you all day long and climb on your lap as many times it wants to. Thus these extra efforts will make them feel loved, so spoil them on their birthday with love.

We hope these wonderful ideas make your fur ball feel really special on her day and you have a great time celebrating your cat’s birthday.

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