The trend of this century turned almost all the physical services to online offers via websites and apps. From education to industrial, all services can be purchased via your smartphone. Some of the mobile apps are mentioned below, which serves car lovers in almost all aspects.


The FIXD app helps drivers better understand and maintain their vehicles. The FIXD sensor connects to the FIXD app to provide you with additional information about your check engine light, maintenance reminders, and the ability to remotely monitor other vehicles in your family. The package consists of a FIXD sensor and a FIXD app. The sensor is the one that acts as the scanner. For the sensor to run a scan on your vehicle, it needs to be plugged into the car’s OBD 11 port. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) grants you access to the diagnostic data, for example, the trouble codes such as p0011, which can impact the driveability of the vehicle, check this page to see the symptoms and cures. The port is under the dash on the driver’s seat. The sensor will receive feeds about your diagnostics through the port, and then the information will be relayed to your phone. You can then give the information to your mechanic or fix the problem yourself if it is not significant. Once the sensor is plugged into the port, then you sync it with the free app on your phone using Bluetooth.


Find My Car is simple and free of cost app that assists you in locating your car in a parking lot. It uses your devices’ GPS radios to tag, and it finds your vehicle location in a parking lot. It is effortless and easy to use. Whenever you park the vehicle in a lot, just open the app and touch the arrow icon to pin your current location. Whenever you come out from a store and look for your vehicle, it’s position will be on the map waiting for you to go back with comfort. Find my car app is designed and developed for the users who use vehicles and has a premium feature of being updated automatically. This app can update itself as per the standards of the users. This app also assists you in fixing the particular issues of your device. Buy this app and enjoy its premium features you would then see your car will be with you even when you leave it. 


You should be a bit careful while using Trapster. Keep focus and be active while you’re driving, but fortunately, Trapster’s mobile apps assist you to have an active eye on the road rather than looking at your smart phone’s screen. If you berth a speed bunker, you can report it at the moment just by clicking the screen. If you’re close at hand of a speed bunker, Trapster will let you know by speaking to you in your selected language. Moreover, to speed up traps, this app is aware of red-light cameras and other road consequences. Trapster provides a massive weight to traps that are rated more durable and reliable. Users can make their alerts customize using the website of Trapster or the mobile application so that they are notified only about the conditions they are interested in, such as red-light cameras or live police. All the facts and figures about inactive traps, for instance, red-light cameras and speed cameras, stay in Trapster’s database.


aCar is a one-stop-shop of an app when it comes to keeping track of car-related details. This app has a premium feature of recording particular services, parking fees, and fuel, etc. Another item at the end of the list that is visible is Fuelly. Fuelly is a company’s website that assists users in calculating their car’s fuel. Acar was purchased back in May, and now the Android app is receiving its first update since the acquisition. Acar was designed with everyone who drives a motor vehicle in mind. It affirms integral span tracking, maintenance reminders, and even predictions on when you will run out of gas based on how often you fill up and how far you travel. The user is allowed to analyze the insights to check whether your vehicle is working at its peak point on MPG’s, which could tip you off to vehicle trouble brewing. 


FuelLog is particularly the pioneer and only app in this specific category that affirms electric cars using kWh, CNG vehicles using kg or GGE (Gasoline gallon equivalent), and other vehicles with an hour meter. Track and log your span, fuel consumed, maintenance and management, services, and costs of your car or motorbike and let you know precisely how much your car costs. FuelLog assists in calculating numerous useful stats such as fuel consumption and economy (e.g., mpg or l/100km) of your car or another vehicle, total cost and mileage, the average cost per distance or gas amount, the average cost per month, year and driven distances, expenses and a lot more. Everything looks maintained and managed. This app is user-friendly in all regards.


There are countless benefits of the mobile apps mentioned above and many more. But some of the most common benefits of these apps are collectively referred here as these are cost-effective, user-friendly, versatile, protective, and sends notifications timely.

So, you don’t need to sit around calling one repairman to another attempting to locate a reasonable but then moderate technician to fix your vehicle inconveniences.

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