Top 5 Reasons to Learn Data Analytics

In the present age, there is one thing that is easiest to acquire which is – Information. And, the credit for this goes to the internet that is serving all the information you need on a silver platter. Now, you do not even have to leave your house to learn anything that your heart desires. From obtaining the knowledge required to run a company to learning the skills of fixing a car, you can make wonders true with the data available on the internet. So now, the question arises – how can you use this data in your favor?

Why big data at the forefront of Business?

To succeed in any industry, you got to keep tabs on the growing trends. Hence, by analyzing data you can come up with disparate methodologies to make progress by achieving positive results. Today, every organization is dependent on data doe success. From the Fortune 500 companies to small startups, businesses are optimizing data to create bankable strategies for shaping the future of the organizations. Now, what if you can make the most out of this data insanity? What if top-notch organizations approach you for helping them make smarter decisions? You can make this come true by gaining the knowledge of data science and big data analytics.

Reasons to Become a Big Data Analyst

 1. Data analytics is the top priority for organizations

With competition amplifying every minute in the market, businesses are embracing big data analytics to spot new and better ways to offer their services and products and reap maximum profits. The way the current business scenery is shaping up, seventy-seven percent of today’s top companies see data analytics as an essential ingredient for success. In a nutshell, big data analytics professionals play a big role in how designing the marketing strategies of a company. And this is one of the major reasons to become a business analyst.

2. Increasing job opportunities

Companies are using the best technologies to collect and reserve enormous sets of data, but what is the use of this data if there are no competent people to analyze it. Right? Therefore, organizations are on a spree of seizing the best talent out of the deep pool of big data analytics professionals. There are job portals like Indeed to back this fact since they report a major boost in the number of job posts for big data analysts. However, this staggering demand is not being met as if now. So, this is the best time to try your luck in this area of work.

3. The attractive Salaries of Big Data Analyst

As mentioned above, the demand graph for data analytics professionals is going skywards, employers are ready to offer appealing salaries to people who can play around with data. In point of fact, professionals in the big data business are getting 50% higher salaries than their peers in the IT profession. And, this trend is picking up pace in every corner of the globe since employers realize how crucial this breed of professionals is for enticing success.

4. Big data is everywhere

Data is an imperative need of every sector that there is on the face of this earth today, hence, there is no way that a firm can survive without hiring capable data science and big data analytics professionals and professionals with a data engineer skillset. As per a survey carried out by Nimbus Ninety, the speed at which data analytics is pervading industries is much faster than anticipated.

5. Create revenue streams

If you have a decent knowledge of how to extract valuable information out of data, you can exploit new streams of profit production. Thus, you can enhance your earnings by taking up freelancing jobs.

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