Top 7 Bakeries in Hyderabad that You Can’t Overlook

Hyderabad is not just known for its biryani and meat, but also for its remarkable bakeries. If cakes, biscuits, cookies excite you then explore these best bakeries in Hyderabad and let your sweet tooth discover a fresh new taste.


Established in November 2016, bakingo has become one of the best cake bakery shops that you will find in Hyderabad. Bakingo’s online cake delivery offers you a huge range of cakes baked with utmost perfection and the finest quality of ingredients. Cakes available in the bakery are always fresh, soft, moist, mushy and fluffy in texture. It has flavorsome cakes to illuminate your every occasion. If you are looking for a delicious cake then you may opt for Bakingo’s cake delivery in Hyderabad. The freshly baked cakes will melt in your mouth right away!

Subhan Bakery

In spite of many bakers that have established their place, Subhan bakery stands out alone when it comes to fresh and juicy bakers. They serve “desi burgers” which makes them different from other bakers. Everything is within budget which makes it the best hangout place for most of the college and school students.

Labonel Fine Baking

Nirvana for all the chocolate lovers out there! You will find some expensive cakes here but every money spent is worth it! They use the best quality of chocolates when it comes to baking cakes. The cakes are high is flavor aspect and yet so soft that they melt in your mouth. They are most famous for their wedding cakes, cupcakes and are undoubtedly the best in Hyderabad for now.

Universal bakers

Every time you visit this place you will find it loaded with customers because of the amazing food they serve. If you wish to visit this place the Osmania biscuits, sandwiches and burgers are a must-try.

The Fresh Cakes rolled out would cater to different Flavour buds of cultured consumers. 

Zoey’s Bakehouse

Cakes and desserts add more sweetness to your special occasions. If you are looking for a good bakery to bake amazing desserts and cakes for any occasion, then Zoey’s Bakehouse is the choice that you should make. Established in the year 2011, it is a bakery located in the city of Hyderabad and offers a plethora of dessert options which will spoil you for choice.

Karachi Bakery

“Karachi Bakery” running from 6 years and still counting. The true essence of baking. Karachi bakery reputation is unmatched to the core. They are famous for their delicious cakes and fruit biscuits. The pastries are must-try here, they are light and full of flavor. They have established a website of their own and accepts order online and offline both.

Nimrah Café & Bakery, Charminar

Charminar’s Nimrah Bakery is one of the best in cities. Famous for its coconut biscuits, this place stands out for its simplicity and has been people’s favorite place for years. You must visit the place and enjoy the great taste of mouthwatering biscuits.

Send cakes to your loved ones on their birthday, wedding, anniversary, festivals & all occasion through these bakeries.

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