Top cheap shipping services in the Philippines

Shipping has made the movement of goods from one place to another very easy. Shipping companies, you can easily transport goods from one place to another in a few periods of time. Usually, Shipping within the Philippines is much cheaper unlike the other Asian countries like Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. 

Besides, multinational countries also exist that can carry your goods from the Philippines to another corner of the world within a few days.  Shipping companies in the Philippines allows you to ship a wide range of items such as furniture, artwork, car parts, documents, and electronics. In fact, almost all the items of daily life can be shipped. Weapons are the only items that you cannot move through shipping. To move the weapons through shipping, you have to acquire the permission of the government. 

Today, Top Shipping services in the Philippines have been made part of this article. Here are the top shipping companies that you should adopt in 2020 if you exist in the Philippines. 

  • Fed FX
  • UPS
  • TNT
  • Parcel Monkey
  • Transportify 
  • My US 
  • LBC Express
  • Fast Track Courier Service
  • DHL

Fed FX

Fed FX has been the top shipping company in the Philippines for years. The company ships a wide range of items within the Philippines as well as outside the world. With this shipping company, you can easily transport your items from one corner to another corner of the world just within 2 days. 

Besides, their rates are also affordable and widely depend on the distance of the shipment. They will also provide you the tracking ID with which you can track your item. Also, you can track your item with the help of a mobile. Your goods will easily transfer from one place to another within a short period without any damage if you adopt Fed EX. 


UPS has also been the top-notch shipping company in the Philippines. The best thing about UPS is you can demand an entire quotation from them related before shipping. Their website has plenty of features that will allow you to calculate different aspects of shipping as time, cost, discount, and other like parameters. Besides, you can also track your order on their website.

Your parcel will easily get delivered from one place to another within a short time at less cost, besides, you can also track it with the help of tracking ID to know where it is at present time. 


TNT Shipping company has an aim in mind to deliver your goods from one place to another remotely safely without any damage. The company supports domestic shipping, export as well as import to more than 200 countries all around the world. 

With their online calculate, you have to select the place of pick-off and drop-off. The quantity, height, length, width, height, and weight of your parcel and you will get an instant price. Your item will get shipped from one place to another without any damage at fewer rates as compared to other shipping companies.

Parcel Monkey

Parcel Money will carry your parcel away from the Philippines to any corner of the world. Unlike the other shipping companies in the Philippines, their rates are very affordable and start from only 27.22$ for the parcel weighing 1 pound. Other services that Parcel Monkey offers are. 

  • Pick Up and Drop Off Services
  • Work or Home Delivery Services
  • Delivery within 1 day
  • Services starting from 27.22$

Definitely, Parcel Monkey will save your plenty of time and money and will ship your items to any corner of the world within a short time.



Transportify is a forward logistics company in the Philippines that deal in shipment

Transportify provides a range of services other than that of logistics such as live support, prepay, postpay, ship at any destination, COD, POD, Warranty, outside service area as well as a business web dashboard. Thus it is one of the best logistics companies operating in the Philippines. 

My US 

My US is also one of the logistics companies operating in the Philippines that has an aim to ship your item to any portion of the world. The company provides a tension-free shipping experience with industry-leading experts and members. 

Besides, their rates are also affordable and widely depends on the distance of the shipment. The company is spread over 220 countries and ensures a fun having shipping experience. My US Mobile App allows you to manage your shipment from any device. 

With the help of this app, you can create ship requests, receive parcel alerts, push notifications, as well as capture and upload invoices. 

LBC Express 

LBC Express has been the leading company in the Philippines in money and payment transfer, documents transfer, boxes and parcel, cargo as well as logistics. The company has been in existence in more than 6400 countries in more than 30 countries. 

LBC Express can carry can item away from you to your desired destination in less than 24 hours. Also, it is the most trusted logistics company and services provider of the Global Filipino. 

Fast Track Courier Service 

Fast Track Courier Service Philippines will provide you with fast, efficient, as well as cost-effective logistics solutions according to your business and personal needs. The company has been in operations for 7 years and has a record of carrying your logistics away from you swiftly and reliably. Besides, their rates are also affordable and normally depend on the distance and the weight of your parcel. 


DHL is an American and German courier service provider however; their network also exists in the Philippines. DHL rates are typically cheaper as compared to other logistics companies with a maximum of 24 hours’ delivery time. The company is best for domestic shipment besides; you can also adopt it for international shipment. 

Their delivery rates are also affordable starting at only 50$ per shipment which anyone can easily adopt.


Adopt the above-mentioned companies for domestic as well as international shipping. The above-mentioned company’s rates are affordable while the writer this review as per her experience. 


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