Top five trends in Kundli matching software for marriage 2019

Marriage is the holiest bond between two individuals. When two people choose to get married, they not only pledge commitment towards each other in front of society but also in the presence of God. Marriage is a sacred bond that must be cherished and protected for life. To ensure that two people lead a happy successful life, it is important for them to be compatible. This is where Kundli matching comes into the picture. 

In Hindu tradition, Kundli matching or Lagna Kundli matching is the age-old practice of determining whether two people are suitable for each other and if the marriage would turn out to be successful. Four decades ago world-renowned astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal successfully created the first and foremost Vedic Astrology Software in India. Its first version was a DOS-based application which received widespread appreciation from the entire community of astrologers in India and abroad. 

Now, with the advent of the internet, users can avail the services of online horoscope or Kundli matching software. Earlier, Kundli matching was usually done by a pandit physically present among the family. These days people hardly have the time to call and look for pandits so online matching and Kundli software have emerged as the best alternative. These online platforms are growing in popularity every day with interesting trends and features. Some of  the latest trends of Kundli matching software for marriage include:

Kundli matching calculator: A matchmaking calculator analyses your name, zodiac sign, and Lunar constellations and then checks the specific conjugations between them. It checks each of these specifications thoroughly to make sure there is no Dosha or its pariharm conjointly, calculates Ashtakoot Guna Milan, and finally makes a   matchmaking report for you. According to astrology, there are thirty-six Gun points and if the calculator reports show that you and your partner have eighteen or above Gun points then the Kundli Milan is considered good and the marriage seems like an ideal one.

Lal Kitab: Lal Kitab literally translates into “A Red Book” that is considered to be a set of five books on Hindu palmistry and astrology, written in the Urdu language in the 19th century. The Lal Kitab contains poetic verses on philosophy and is known to provide remedial measures to solve critical and chronic human problems in everyday life. The Lal Kitab feature provides astrology calculations, predictions, and remedies. So potential partners can use this software to identify their problems and then match the remedies.

Teva: There is another type of Kundli tool which is known as Teva. This tool can create horoscopes like Lagna, Bhava Sandhi, Chalit and all sorts of Janampatri divisional charts. Teva also calculates Avakhada, sun position, planet, Ghaat chakra, Taara chakra, Rahu Kaal and birth details. This software creates Nakshatra, Rashi, Charan and degrees of planets with 7 types of dasha- Yogini, Char, Vimsottari, Tribhagi, Ashtottari, Sodashottari, Kal Chakra. With the help of this software, you can match the degrees of your planets and horoscope chart with that of your partner to see the levels of compatibility.

Varshphal: In Indian Vedic Astrology, varshphal or annual horoscope is constructed in a year when the sun returns to the same sign and degree as that of its natal position in that year. This annual horoscope is then analyzed to predict the upcoming happenings and changes. The varshphal feature does the same job of calculating your annual horoscope chart that includes the Lagna chart, Hora chart, Navmansh, Triptaki charts, moon charts, etc.

Muhurat calculator: Muhurat or Muhurtham is considered to be an auspicious time of the day, that is ideally desired before any event of great importance like marriage, house warming ceremonies, naming ceremonies, etc. Muhurats are calculated based on the Hindu Vedic astrology and are considered significant even today. The online muhurat calculator is a very new and popular trend of matchmaking these days where the calculator provides the important and auspicious dates of a particular month and also the specific auspicious time of the day so that events can be planned accordingly.  

You no longer need to be dependent on booking advanced dates with the pandit before a marriage ceremony. All you need to do is a bit of research online and you will have the solution to all your astrological problems.

Kundli matching software for marriage

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