Top Tips to Revise Effectively during Exam with NCERT Books Class 11

Board exams are round the corner and it is the time when stress levels are high. This is the time when students give it their best shot to make final preparations for their exams. They leave no stone unturned to gather any idea or information to nab their exam.  You can easily kill your exam fears by practicing hard before your exams and be a topper during exams. 

Practice indeed makes you perfect but you have to undertake some smart strategies to stay a notch higher from your competition. In this next section, you will look at some winning tips to revise effectively before your board exams. It will give you a head start before your exams and help you score 100% on your examination.

Start Practicing from Scratch

Start your revision from the beginning as it will help you to go to the roots of your subject. Take the help of sample solutions and previous year questions papers to test your learning. Write down anything that you are not confident of and prepare notes. It will take you around ten to fifteen days to prepare a condensed note from the revised materials. It will also help you to get a comprehensive idea about your subjects and chalk up a map in your memory. You can also chart down everything on a hardboard paper and paste it on top of your desk. 

Create Easy to Read Notes

Don’t waste your time by beautifying your notes, instead use your discretion. Prepare ready to use simple crisp copies which you can refer at a short time. These short notes are like the windows to your room and give you a sneak peek to your subjects. Write down the useful contents and eliminate the unnecessary detailing. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is easier to revise from your comfort zone but it has its pitfalls. You will have a tendency to ignore your weak subjects and revise only from your strengths. So, you must get out of your comfort zone and prepare for your exams. Revising regularly from your negative subjects will make your preparation much more secure and give you an edge over your competition. Sit on a desk and wooden chair and don’t sit on your bed. It will make you lazy and will not help your cause. 

Revise From Previous Year Question Papers

It is always better to practice from the previous year’s question papers.  It gives you a full insight into the structure of the content for the previous year and plans ahead for the next year. The reference materials will help you to revise effectively and give you better preparation time. Write down the question papers on a piece of paper and memorize your answers and write them down in the next morning. It will give you a better revising technique and plan your preparation well in advance. 

Read aloud for Better Revision

It is a great idea to read aloud from the book as it has been proved to be more helpful while memorizing. Reading aloud will also help you to ward off your laziness. So, read aloud your formulas and history dates from the Vedantu NCERT Books Class 11 next time you are preparing for your board exams. Pause in between your reading to get a good grasp of your subject. It will also help you to memorize instantly and track down any subjects you are weak.

Take Study Gap between Your Exams

It is not a good idea to revise your subjects for a continuous stretch. You need to take study breaks in between your preparation so that you are not caught up on the wrong side. Continuous studying doesn’t allow your brain to rest and doesn’t help you to retain what you’ve learned. So, take 15 minutes siesta after studying continuously for 2 hours. These breaks will ensure that you stay refreshed all day and retain what you have learned. These effective revision techniques are essential to nab the fear of exams and become a topper. 

Ask for Help 

You can ask a family member or a friend to ask you questions. It will help with your preparation. You will know whether your revisions are watertight and help you to revise more rigorously before your exams.

These revision techniques will surely help you to revise effectively before your exams and become a school topper. You can find good sample papers online from various websites and score high for your next exams. 

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