Top Tourists Attractions in Ifrane

Locates in between Fez and Marrakech somewhere in the Atlas Mountains, famous for its chilly weather, Ifrane is a Morocco’s Switzerland. Previously known as Zaouiat Sidi Abdesalam, Ifrane was originally a region of religious norms, it developed in the 16th century. Swiss-designed chalets and tagine are really worth a visit. the architecture throughout Ifrane bears Swiss influences. Travelers prefer to visit the place to widen their exploring experiences during their holidays in Morocco. Moving around Marrakech and Fez, Ifrane gets the attraction of tourists because of its fine weather, its architecture, Souks and streets, showcases of Arts and culture, and the marvelous sights. If you are in Morocco, find tourist destinations like Ifrane and visit the destination which gives you the chance to have a different experience being in Morocco. Do you know that Ifrane was established in French colonization era in Morocco?

Soothing in Parc la Prairie Will Refresh You

In Ifrane, Parc la is such a peaceful place you must have to visit and spend at least an hour or two. You will find the walking or hiking tracks around the destination. You will find the beautiful birdlife, a water spot to busk on and unwind alongside. By the idea of hiking, I can recall Ifrane National Park and my experience there, let me tell you what this destination tells about. 

Go Hiking in Ifrane National Park

Did you take the hiking tips for the places abundant for the wildlife? You first have to take the proper guides from the locals. But don’t worry its fun, you will be riding on the horses and have a really nice experience wandering in between the fragrant Cedar trees enjoying the environs of wildlife. To know is better, the national park is home to the families and major classifications of Macaques, they may cause you in trouble. Wolf, Wild pigs and a number of different species live their lives there.

Ifrane National Park is on the Middle Atlas mountain range Morocco. It was made in the year 2004 and surrounds the vast area in the Atlas Mountains.

Souks of Ifrane

Experiencing to roam in Ifrane’s souks is different from the Souks of the other metropolitan cities. It is for the locals and not for the vacationers come there for a short span of time. So experiencing the souks in Ifrane is experiencing living like a local of Morocco, funny. But wait, you will obviously be getting some spots to get some souvenirs there, but of course not as much as you can buy from Marrakech. So expect some low and enjoy the moments in the soothing and calmest place on earth like Ifrane.

Get chance to Ski at Michlifen

You have to check the season, the different temperature of the places in Morocco before leaving, you will need a proper arrangement for different temperatures at the same time of year. You will get a chance of skiing in the winter months in Morocco. Michlifen Ski Resort brings you the best experiences like sliding, snowboarding. We enjoyed there playing with snow, those are so many memorable days of our lives.

Large Lion Sculpture in Ifrane

In the New town, the very focused thing is lion sculpture. Vacationers come here to have a photograph with a lion which was made in 1930. The locals relate many stories with this, one of them is that this sculpture is in memory of the last died Atlas lion, he was killed some years ago near Ifrane.

Lake Dait Aoua

Having the eye-catching views of the towering mountains, making shadows in the clean water of the mesmerizing lake, Lake Dait Aoua having a lot of attractions for the tourists visit there every year. It is located in the Middle Atlas of Morocco, a beautiful place, needs your visit.

Feeding the ducks, riding on the horse, or on the water boat, these all the activities can make your day full of best memories.

The beautiful Source Vitel

It is basically a source or collection of the beautiful waterfalls in dense and green forests of Ifrane. It spreads in the wide range which increases its beauty. I was really feeling excited and interested to know that the locals are using safe and clean water to drink. We were transported to the center of the place whereas some can walk on foot to reach there.

Capture the Swiss-like Architecture

Being in the Visitors Center, you will feel like you are in some European Village. It is such a beautiful to holiday destinations I believe. It will al refresh you.  You will have the day time capture including the Chalet like buildings. 

Visit Al Akhawayn University

The lastly but the worthful visit of your Morocco’s explorations is to visit the English language university in Ifrane, it was made in the early 1990s by Hassan II, former Moroccan king. Like anywhere, it only attracts students from the elite in Morocco. The class system can be easily analyzed by being in Morocco by this. Anyhow, you would learn and enjoy in Ifrane. Set out!

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