Traditional banking versus Digital banking

The feeling of being able to access your bank while traveling is unmatched. Some issues may arise that may require you to visit your bank. You can follow this link to search for Bank of America near me. Bank of America is available in 46 states. This extensive reach makes it easy for you to access their services. All you need to do is fill in the country that you are in, and it will populate with the location of the bank.

Going digital has affected and disrupted many banking services. However, the brick and mortar bank branches still have a place in our society. In any case, they augment the digital revolution as there services that may need you to visit a bank branch. Most people surveyed have indicated that they choose a bank because they have access to a bank branch near them. The survey included even the most digitally connected millennials.

Digital connectivity has enhanced service delivery and even KYC. However, visiting a bank is still a popular idea. This is because:

Consumers still want to have face to face interactions with their banks. It may be declining due to the use of technology; however, consumers want to be able to visit the bank when they want to solve complex issues. These interactions are also useful in deepening customer relations when they are opening a new account. As well as fostering trust, which could mean more generation of revenue in the long run.

  •  Money is significant, and the face to face interactions that customers have with the bank are essential in building trust.
    Services offered: Consumers still want to be able to visit a bank branch to open a new account. Here, they get more information regarding other facilities provided by the bank, such as mortgages or loans, as well as checking accounts.  
  •  Unlike the impersonal nature of the internet, when we are looking for advice, it is possible to get tailored advice from your bank: From the best investment options, to decide the type of mortgage that you require, to customized personal loans. Consumers can sift through any ideas that they have as well as shed any misconception when they receive personalized investment advice from qualified staff in the bank.
  • A bank branch is essential in fostering the brand image: The customers get to be familiar with the bank’s reputation, which helps them to give out referrals.
  • It is very convenient to get to access your bank when you need it, more so for small business owners and consumers.

Bank branches are critical to customers. Banks who have understood this have continued to increase customer touchpoints, which leads to increased loyalty. Bank branches are useful in personalizing the customer experience.

In as much as visiting a bank is still a popular idea, banks are having to adjust their strategies in light of digital banking. The following are the effects that digital banking has had on traditional modes of banking.

  • Fewer bank branches: There is a reduction in bank branches across the board as more people access digital banking, and bank branches are consolidated. In some areas, customers may be forced to travel a longer distance to access a bank branch. As bank branches close, many staff are being laid off while others are absorbed into non-traditional roles.
  • Teller transaction volumes have reduced: Access to various digital banking forums has led to a decrease in the branch teller transactions. Many customers can access their banks for account opening and loan applications; however, when it comes to accessing the funds, they will opt to use digital banking options.
  • There has also been an increase in financial crimes. There are measures to mitigate this; however, there are many predators who have sophisticated tools that intercept transaction information. Also, identity thieves usually obtain personal banking details through phishing. In this case, scammers send emails to customers. They pretend they are a financial institution or a company where they send spam messages to get you to reveal your financial information. Banks have also suffered losses in millions of dollars after cyber-attack. A measure of mitigating cybercrimes include two-step authentication and investing in new and advanced technology. Though, even with these assurances, people will still prefer to visit their bank when making direct deposits.
  • They have made it possible to have 24-hour banking. This has made it possible for users to access their bank at any time of day or night conveniently without the need to visit a bank branch. This has also reduced the workload in a bank branch by making it possible for most customers to resolve the issues that they may have at any time. This, however, has made it necessary to have 24-hour customer service support.
  • Integration of financial services. Almost all banks have some form of digital integration in the services that they offer.

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