Transparency: How to Be Successful in eCommerce

Being successful in eCommerce is becoming increasingly difficult. Customers are able to be as picky as they want when it comes to deciding which site they want to buy a product from. Transparency is a major factor that influences where a customer chooses to shop. 

Customers want to feel like they have all the information before they purchase an item. Transparency isn’t just beneficial for customers; it’s beneficial for business owners looking to increase profits. Total transparency can make the difference between a successful business with satisfied customers, and those who abandon their shopping carts online. 

Have clear pricing structures

A clear pricing structure is a basic part of a successful eCommerce business. Be sure that your pricing information includes any additional costs like packaging and posting. A lot of companies add miscellaneous charges at the end of checkout, which encourages customers to abandon their orders. If there is a promotion, make sure to clearly outline it so that customers don’t feel they have been tricked into buying something they thought was reduced, but actually wasn’t. 

Make payment options visible

Online shopping has grown increasingly more popular in recent years. However, many customers are still cautious when they must use an unfamiliar payment method to make a purchase. If your payment options aren’t well known, make sure to provide detailed and clear information on how a customer’s payment will be processed this way. This will stop them from abandoning their order and buying it from a competitor’s website instead. 

Include shipping details

The prices that you charge for shipping and handling should be easily found on your site. This way, customers can quickly see how much shipping will cost. If you wait until the end of checkout to display this information, many customers will leave your site without purchasing anything. Studies show that 72% of customers will abandon their cart if the company does not offer free shipping, so it is more beneficial to be transparent from the start about the true cost of shipping the item. 

Write accurate product descriptions

Misleading product descriptions discourage customer trust. They lead to customer complaints and negative reviews, which also takes up a lot of your administration time. You should make sure that all your products are described in a way that is as detailed as possible to avoid confusion.

Practice transparency in all business operations

Practicing transparency in all your business operations will make it easier to always stay honest with your customers. Choosing a fulfillment company that practices transparency will mean that every operation from picking, packing, shipping, storage, and product returns, will be in line with what the customers also see online.

Have a detailed refund policy

With a detailed refund policy, customers will be more likely to commit to a purchase. You want to put this information on a prominent page of your website so that it can be easily found.


Transparency is an important part of eCommerce. Whether you are managing a small business or a worldwide enterprise, honesty matters. The more transparent you are with your customers, the more likely they will be to return to your business and become loyal buyers. 

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