Types of casino bonus

Casino bonuses make betting fun and fulfilling. There are a variety of casino bonuses offered in most online betting platforms.  This article covers different types of casino bonuses and promotions. 

If you are searching for a reliable betting platform with rewarding bonuses and promotions, check the EagleBet bonus now. EagleBet is a leading casino platform, well equipped with modern casino features. These features include great bonuses and promos, in-play options, and top customer support, to mention but a few. Below is a list of casino bonuses and promos;

Welcome or the new player bonus 

This is offered in every casino. However, the welcome bonuses vary from one casino to the other. It is also referred to as the sign-up or deposit bonus. In most cases, these bonuses are equivalent to 100% of the minimum deposit amount. For instance, EagleBet offers new players a 100% bonus of up to 130 Euros after making a minimum deposit of 10 Euros. 

In some cases, the welcome bonus starts at 50%-500%. However, the normal range is 0-100%. Some casinos offering new player bonuses above 200% apply extreme restrictions during withdrawal. Note, to withdraw the new player bonus, you may have to meet some wagering requirements or even provide the bonus code.

No deposit bonus 

No deposit bonus is very enticing, especially because players do not have to make the first deposit. Therefore, you can use the no deposit bonus without having to risk your hard-earned money. Casinos use the no deposit bonus to get the new player’s attention. However, before you register in any online casino, be sure to check the terms and conditions. No deposit bonus attracts several restrictions. Some limitations include a high wagering requirement, or you have to make a deposit before withdrawing the bonus.

Monthly deposit bonus 

This is also termed as loyalty bonuses, deposit bonuses, or the reload bonus. It is usually offered each month. This type of bonus keeps you hooked. In addition, some casinos offer monthly bonuses depending on your activities during the last one month. However, the reload or monthly bonuses are less compared to the welcome bonuses.

Payment option bonuses

Most leading casinos feature several payment options. However, they may prioritize some payment options and hence award bonuses to players who use the option. The e-wallet payment option is more prioritized. Once a player makes a deposit or withdraws using the payment option, they get some bonus. Nevertheless, the payment option bonus is not common.

High Roller bonuses 

These bonuses are awarded to active players. If you deposit and play often, you are entitled to the higher roller bonus. However, this bonus is not available on all casino platforms. Visit a casino’s website to confirm whether they offer this particular bonus. 

Recommend a friend bonus

You get this bonus after referring a friend. You will only get the bonus once your friend joins the platform.

Free spins 

The free spins are alternatively referred to as bonus spins, extra spins, or welcome spins. The free spins are very popular. However, they have a wagering requirement that must be met. This is why it is essential to confirm an online casino free spins bonus requirement before you register. Look for a reliable online casino such as EagleBet today and register for a remarkable gaming experience.

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