Understand All About The Different Horse Racing Betting Markets

Horse racing is one of the most profitable betting options available to sports bettors. It has been one of the most popular betting options for punters since it was introduced to online gamblers. Much of that is down to the number of betting options that are available to bettors throughout the year. 

There are meetings taking place every day, but it is the more significant events such as the Kentucky Derby odds on Twinspires.com or the Grand National that get the most bets placed on them.

These events are such a high-profile occasion that it even manages to persuade gamblers who don’t normally place bets to have a wager. These gamblers who only bet once a year need to understand the different markets and what must happen for them to be rewarded with the returns.

Placing A Bet On The Winner

Placing a stake on the winner of the race is the most straightforward way to place a wager on any horse race. Gamblers will simply have to pick the horse that they believe will win, and place the amount that they want to bet on that horse winning. The returns will be rewarded to the gambler should their selection cross the line first. However, if the selection doesn’t win, then the stake is lost.

Each-Way Betting

A common way to place a bet for the most significant races is by staking an each-way bet. This means that the gambler will put a stake on the horse winning the race, and then the same amount of insuring returns should the horse selected finish second or third. The amount of places that are covered by the each-way bet is determined by how big the size of the field is. This is a popular bet when it comes to the standout events of the season, as many sportsbooks will offer extra places.

To Place

Gamblers don’t just need to place their bets on the horse to win the race, as they can also place a wager on the horse placing. This will be a more lucrative option should the bettor want to bet on a horse with higher odds. The sportsbook will highlight how many places they are offering, and then the selected horse must finish within them places for the bet to be a winner. For example, if the sportsbook offers three places, and the horse comes second, then they will be rewarded with the returns.


Should gamblers have done excessive research before placing their wager, then this betting option could be incredibly lucrative. Bettors will need to correctly predict the horses that finish in first and second in the right order to win the forecast. The tricast is even harder, as the gambler will have to correct the exact order of the first three across the line. 

There is also an opportunity to place a reverse version of these two bets, which means the horses can finish in any order as long as they are the first two or three past the line depending on whether you are betting on the forecast or tricast.

Ante-Post Betting

Many gamblers who bet on horse racing throughout the season know the importance of getting the best possible value. The ante-post is the best chance to achieve this, and this market opens a whole year before the biggest races take place. 

That means bettors can gamble on the Kentucky Derby before the final field is announced. It is a dangerous betting option as gamblers will get better odds, but if their runner doesn’t race, then they would have lost the stake. However, it remains a very popular betting option for gamblers looking for value. 

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