Use of Gems in Astrology

Through the ages, Man has been attracted and incredibly drawn to the mystical beauty of Crystals and Gemstones. 

First as useful tools and strong implements, gems have been attributed mystical powers. The future could be perceived by a Wizard or Sharman gazing into a crystal ball. A magic wand tipped by a special gemstone could perform miracles. 

It was said that the Rod Moses used to part the Dead Sea was encrusted with sacred gemstones.

Gemstones were used in a vest adorned by priests of old to magnify their spiritual aura. This has been simplified to a single stone, the Amethyst, which is now worn by Bishops and the Pope.

The first and continued use of gemstones and crystals as gem therapy us seen till these days as rosaries for Christians and prayer beads for Muslims and Buddhists. These crystals on rosaries or prayer beads not only marked the number of prayers, chants or mantras but the belief is that rubbing and stroking the beads of crystals gave one a spiritual connection to God. Real gemstone and crystal prayer beads are considered the most powerful, but metal and wooden prayer beads are now being used as well as the cost of real gems and crystals are quite high and out of reach for the ordinary man. 

However, by special orders, I have made prayer beads for clients as far away as Saudi Arabia and Jordan. 

Some gemstones have been known and strongly believed to bring powerful energy to its wearer. 

Some gemstones have been known and strongly believed to bring powerful energy to its wearer.  

Emeralds are a beautiful green stone from the Chrysoberyl family. In ancient times, gem therapy also included the ingesting of ground gemstones. In India, alchemists used ground Emeralds as a laxative, a remedy for heartburns and childbirth and it is also prescribed as a powerful vitamin. These remedies were the forerunner of modern Pharmaceutical Medicines which use synthesized properties of such gemstones and their chemical composites.  

In 1669, a Dr. W. Rouland wrote that “for all Fluxes whatsoever, chiefly dysentery, whether they come from a sharp humor, or venom; and it cures venomous biting, a close of six, eight or ten grains are given? Seems like a pretty expensive cure. 

The emerald was also worn by those who aspired to wisdom and sought spiritual enlightenment. In a horoscope where Moon is powerful, wearing an emerald close to the solar Plexus Chakra or on the Brow Chakra, can empower the wearer with the gift of prophecy which will be brought to the wearer in his or her dreams. 

The emerald is the Symbol of Love and given to a loved one, can forever bind the lover in an embrace of pure love. Again, unless one’s horoscope is compatible, this will not be so. 

Many Orientals believe that the Emerald has spiritual powers and emerald with an inscribed verse of the Koran is believed to be a most powerful protector for its wearer and keeps him safe in the protection of Allah. 

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