Ways for Body Contouring without Surgery

Body contouring is a form of art. Knowing a body type and then enhancing it accordingly needs proficiency. Body contouring can be of two types;

1. Done with surgery or

2. Done without the surgery

Lately, body contouring without surgery has been a buzzing trend all over the internet. Celebrities have also been contouring following the trend which makes it even more popular. However, surgery is no joke and comes with a heavy price tag. So there are alternative ways to sharpen the structure without going out for surgery.

Following the trend, here are some of the ways for body contouring without surgery;

Cold treatments (CoolSculpting)

This is a technique where the temperature is cold enough to eliminate the fat cells without damaging the skin. A device is used to suck certain pull portions of the skin by suction, then cool it to remove the fat underneath for a set amount of time. This procedure can be used on any part of the body, for say the chin, abdomen, and thighs. It’s a safe method to use. But for those who have a vascular condition, it will make their skin extra sensitive to cold temperature. Hence, for them, a risk would be expected and advised not to be used.

Heat Treatments (SculpSure)

Another method of body sculpting involves a laser. This laser is 100% FDA-approved, especially for fat reduction. The device used for the procedure uses laser energy to damage the structure of the fat cells in the body. The body further eliminates the dead cells. Therefore, this device uses a flat applicator, hence it doesn’t work quite well on the body areas amidst curves. But heat treatments are known to work best for stomach and thighs.

Ultrasound energy (Ultrashape)

This specific type of treatment uses ultrasound energy to break down fat. It is the most time consuming out of all, as it takes approximately an hour per treatment session. Instead of hooking you up with a machine, the technician will be moving the device around manually. Further, mechanical vibration will break down and destroy the fat cells.

Radiofrequency energy (truSculpt, Vanquish)

The Radiofrequency device helps to deliver energy that creates heat and further destroys fat cells. They target the water within the cells. Hence, \ it’s important to hydrate your body well before the procedure. The treatment is not as effective if you come dehydrated. You might feel a little warm sensation while the procedure is going on.

Makeup Regime

All together these were some still medically related methods. But there are some other methods which can be used to enhance the body in some simple and less expensive ways.

Makeup can be used to sharpen the face structure in my ways. There are various contouring palettes to be used to sharpen the tip of the nose, cheekbones, brow bones and various others you want the sharpness to be.

Styling with clothes

Knowing your body type is really important. It makes a huge difference when you decide what your style is. Once you know what looks the best on you you can then actually experiment with colors, different patterns, and different textures. Which not exactly contours the body but brightens and highlights the flawless areas of the body. Supposedly, if a short person wears long skirts or black trousers, it definitely shows the person taller.

Seeing all the pointers, after all, nonsurgical ways for body contouring is possible and is possibly successful. The non-surgical procedures can be worked efficiently. The non-surgical treatments destroy the excess amount of fat which is usually called cutaneous fat. This is also less expensive comparatively and takes less time to be recovered. Always remember, the nonsurgical fat reduction must be accompanied by a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. This includes following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This will help to maximize and maintain the results obtained.

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