It is no secret that even a beautiful, well-maintained space can turn into a total mess if cleanliness is neglected. The thought of coming back to clean space after a tiring day of work itself is relaxing. A tidy house not only makes the place look prettier but also has a positive impact on your mood. 

As much daunting as it sounds, it is quite a hectic task, especially if you haven’t cleaned in a long while. The time consumed in cleaning doesn’t entirely depend upon the size of your space, the amount of furniture you have placed in there also matters. But don’t worry if your home and lawn look like a junkyard because we have listed down some of the most efficient ways to clean and make your house look prettier. 


The first step for a cleaner space is decluttering. Some of us have a habit of hoarding things. We can’t resist the temptations of not buying unnecessary things we don’t even need. 

If you are thinking of clearing your space, choose a room, and empty all its drawers. Now, make space for two bundles. One of the bundles should be limited to the stuff you need or use daily, and the second bundle would comprise things that have been lying around for a while and are seldom used. This way, decluttering and reorganizing would instantly make your space more open and cleaner.

Disposing of the waste

There are a lot of things that keep on adding up at different corners of the house until it starts looking like a very nasty corner. Such spaces can have such old pieces of furniture, boxes, cans, and even plastic all stacked up, giving an awful impression. The back yard, garage, and galleries are some of the most common places for this trash. It is not your regular bin trash, so therefore it gets hard to clear it on your own at times. For such kind of rubbish removal, it is advised to call professionals who offer these services in a very eco-friendly and affordable manner. 

Once you get this mess cleaned, your backyard can be transformed again into a perfect corner for hosting BBQ parties or even sipping tea.

Make a cleaning schedule

There are two types of cleaning: deep cleaning and everyday cleaning. You should schedule a proper routine; the weekend should be reserved for deep cleaning while you can do dusting and vacuuming on alternate days. You must use disinfectants when you mop the floor. Vinegar and baking soda are excellent for wiping off grease, harsh stains, or even rust. 

If you clean the house daily, if it would be easy for you to do some deep cleaning because the work would be less. The living room and bathroom should always be neat, as these are the areas you guests would notice even if they come uniformed. Countertops, televisions, windows, and mirrors should also look sparkling. If you leave the dusty, they will tell a whole different story even if the entire space is organized.

The right accessories

Your home reflects your personality. It should look welcoming and pleasing apart from being spick and span. Picking the right accessories for your place can efficiently do this job. Adding plants around the place will give it a fresh vibe, but if you cannot take care of fresh ones, try replacing them with faux ones. 

Air fresheners and scented candles are also great options for giving your home a cozier vibe; add them to every corner of the house. If your place smells good, it would be more comfortable to live there. If you live in a dry area, humidifiers are an excellent option to add a little moisture. Light-colored curtains should be installed instead of blinds in such homes. 

You should also put storage boxes in every room to store blankets, books, toys, and even stationary. Arrange the dishes in the kitchen in an order ranging for smaller to bigger. It would instantly give the kitchen an aesthetic look. 

Linens and dishes

One of the most important things is doing your laundry regularly. If you skip it even one week, it would be tough for you to both clean and organize the pile later on. Apart from that, replace the bed linen with clean ones weekly. 

Moreover, dirty dishes can make the whole kitchen look untidy, so do your dishes daily before going to bed. But if you have a dishwasher, you can stack them in it, if you don’t want to clean them soon after using. This habit would avoid piling up of dirty dishes in your kitchen.

Light and air

Open your windows on a sunny day and let the natural light brighten up your room. The sunlight is also antibacterial. Open spaces promote ventilation, and it would make your home’s environment healthier. Try moving the extra furniture or donate it to open up some space. It gives an uncluttered look, and there is also more room for you to move around easily. Avoid putting furniture in front of the windows as it blocks light and air and can be a hurdle in the way of proper ventilation.

In conclusion 

A cleaner house is not only attractive but also looks very refreshing. You will look forward to spending more time and inviting people over if your home is clean and decorated wisely. Try keeping the minimum number of things to avoid clutter. Organize all the stuff in different boxes according to their type. Add small accessories and plants for decoration. Scented candles and air purifiers are a good option, too, to make the house look cozier. Designate a day every week for deep cleaning, but don’t skip casual cleaning throughout the week. Replace linens often and clean the dishes daily. Overall whatever solution you chose to clean your house with, try to make sure that it involves disinfecting the place. You can also hire people that offer to remove the waste of your house in an eco-friendly manner.

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