What are latest developments that have taken place in M.Tech environmental engineering?

Environmental engineering has always played a central role in shaping the society and makes for an excellent career choice. If you are passionate about this career path, then you have all the more reasons to go for your higher studies in this disciple.

M Tech environmental engineering makes one more proficient to deal with modern issues and come up with pragmatic solutions. Things like water treatment and pollution reduction are some of the most prevalent environmental factors that need to be dealt with.

Those who choose this career path have a direct impact on society as they help humans live a more fulfilling and less destructive lifestyle. Presently many issues are being handled by environmental engineers such as:

Management of human waste

Poor sanitation has been a huge problem prevalent in many societies’ world over. The consequences that come with people defecating in the open is terrible and can lead to several health issues and contamination of the environment. To counter this issue, Tiger Toilets were designed funded by Bill Gates. The real hero here though were environmental engineers who came up with these vermicomposting toilets that need barely any water to function. This means they can be easily put to use in places that suffer from water shortage. The waste is instead eaten and processed by tiger worms and becomes a useful fertiliser.

Countering water scarcity

Another global problem that is a concern for all is that of water scarcity. Not having access to clean drinking water or shortage of water is a worrisome problem considering how necessary water is for the sustenance of life. To curb this major problem, engineers came up with ‘The Sky water Technology’ that can pull water from the atmosphere using renewable sources.  The best thing about this system is that it can be used anywhere and does not require a huge infrastructure set-up.

Countering carbon emission from cement

We know cement is used all over the world for construction purposes but many know that it considerably contributes to annual carbon pollution. The decarbonisation of limestone has a fatal implication on the environment which is used in binding cement. To prevent this an Eco-Concrete strategy is being worked upon. Instead of harmful material, cement is being made with water glass combination making it lighter, cheaper and most importantly environmentally useful.

Reducing the harmful impact of airplanes on climate

While we find flights a practical way of travelling, the jet fuel that they release has a toxic impact on the environment. It forms carbon dioxide and releases soot which traps heat inside the atmosphere impacting the climate. As Earth heats up, all life forms are deeply impacted and here environmental engineers are required to come up with advanced solutions. One such innovation was visible in 2016 when a solar-powered flight went around the world.

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