What are the Guangxi Nanning Tourists & Business Attractions?

Guangxi is known for its karst landform, national customs, and excellent cultural relics. Are you planning to explore China? If yes, then you can opt-in for this place and explore some of the best tourist attractions. If you love to explore the beautiful water bodies and the hills, there’s plenty of tourist attraction for you.

When you are in Guangxi Nanning, you can start your sightseeing with the following sites:

  • Li River – It is one of the best tourist sites and is a star attraction in Guilin. The waterway is 83-km long and floats from Guilin to Yangshuo. The river allows you to have a glimpse at the cliffs, rolling hills, mysterious caves, lined bamboos, leisure boats, and many more. It is a perfect backdrop when you want to be amidst nature and relax. If you love to take photographs, this site will offer you the best scenes.
  • Yangshuo West Street – There’s a selective amount of residential areas that have developed close to this region today! The most beautiful part of this place is West Street, which is almost 1,000 meters long. Most people call it the “Foreigner’s Street.” There are signboards of restaurants and stores on the street that carry foreign names on it. During the night time, this street gets crowed with the diners. The region gets decorated with vibrant lights, palm leaves, tree bark, and many more. The restaurants here serve their best platters as well.
  • Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces – It is one of the must-visit tourist sites. You can travel there directly from Guilin through the mountain roads amongst the stunning scenery. This place has a history that goes beyond 700 years. And this area is also getting used for cultivating high-end rice by the Zhuang and the Yao villagers.

Business scopes in Guangxi 

Most travelers who visit Guangxi often want to invest here! However, it is necessary to understand the economic and business scenario before making any business plans. The People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang area recently had come up with Incentive Measures for Investment Promotion in Guangxi. The objective of this initiative was to cultivate new industries and expand the economy. The region also wants to attract high-end investment projects from foreign countries. 

This initiative aims to cover all investment types. It will also comprise of the cities with significant projects, districts, officials, enterprise headquarters, high-tech projects, intermediaries, and high-growth SMEs.

Furthermore, there’s also a brand-new incentive mechanism for using the foreign-funded target performance appraisal got added. Also, some of the most crucial investment promotion projects that have a contractual value of over $15 million for the new enterprises will attain a one-time reward. And this is considered equivalent to about one percent of the initial funds for the projects. Guangxi is all set to expand its economy. 

If you want to invest in the market or establish a business, it is essential to find out business domains where you can invest. According to the latest data, the region is set to expand in big data, real estate, agriculture, and other areas. You can prepare a business plan accordingly and think about leveraging the Guangxi market.

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