What are the Signs and Symptoms Of Alcoholism?

Symptoms of Alcohol

It is easy to detect potential alcohol abuse. Most of the signs are easily recognizable. However, there are some signs that are difficult to identify. The alcohol abuse severity also has something to do with the signs and symptoms a person can exhibit. For example, some people use a private and isolated space for drinking. So, this makes it difficult for the family members and friends to figure out if there is any need for intervention.      

Mild alcohol abuse is often overlooked. The issue that looks minor can grow dangerous over time. So, it is important to be aware of the signs of alcoholism and not to ignore these signs. Visiting one of the reputed alcohol treatment centers sooner can get things back on track.

What are the common symptoms of alcohol abuse? 

Alcohol abuse can quickly go out of control if left untreated. When alcohol abuse starts causing harm, it is diagnosed as AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder). So, it is important to identify the warning signs and get proper treatment on time.    

Following are the common alcohol abuse symptoms: 

  • Experiencing short-term memory loss 
  • Experiencing temporary blackouts 
  • Exhibiting extreme mood swings 
  • Exhibiting signs of irritability 
  • Making excuses to drink alcohol. 
  • Not taking professional or personal responsibilities and obligations seriously   
  • Becoming isolated and maintaining distance from family members and friends 
  • Drinking in secrecy or alone
  • Feeling hangover even when not drunk 
  • Changing the company of acquaintances to hang out with

 Even when the problem of drinking seems to be minor, the symptoms of alcohol abuse should not be ignored. If one of your friends or family members is struggling with the problem of alcoholism, step in. Help. Find one of the best drug & alcohol treatment centers for him or her.   

How to recognize alcoholism? 

Some reliable screening tools are available to figure out whether someone has alcoholism or not. CAGE is one such tool. This is a questionnaire for measuring the severity of this problem. Encourage that loved one to take that screening test. If the answer to two or more questions is “yes”, that individual needs professional medical assistance. This questionnaire has a total of four questions. 

A medical professional can also use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for proper diagnosis of alcohol abuse. This manual includes some questions that help in the diagnosis of alcohol abuse. 

What are the dangers of alcoholism? 

Alcohol abuse can cause an array of issues. These issues can affect both the professional and personal life of the individual. Prolonged drinking can increase the risk of developing serious health complications. Some of these health complications can be life-threatening as well. Millions of people with this problem do not receive treatment because of denial. Some people even try to rationalize this problem. They hold certain circumstances and sometimes other people responsible for their drinking behaviors.           

They don’t even acknowledge the problems they are experiencing from alcohol. Instead of recognizing the negative impacts of alcoholism, they become defensive. This kind of behavior prevents them from receiving treatment. This further prevents them from living a healthy and sober life. 

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