What Can We Learn From A Jigsaw Puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles are much more than just a recreational activity. These puzzles can be exceptional teachers who impart the value of patients, attention to detail, self-control, and stamina. 

Within the jumbled-up pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you will find the beauty of order and reason in the real world and in the picture you are trying to complete. This puzzle helps us see the bigger picture here and in our lives. 

Each piece in the jigsaws is essential to complete the whole picture – like we are all critical in the bigger scheme of life. Also, it has been scientifically proven to improve mood, among other benefits.

Here are six lessons to learn by solving Australian jigsaw puzzles

Lessons to Learn from Jigsaw Australia

Boundaries First:

The first cardinal rule that all puzzle enthusiasts follow is creating the boundary. When solving a jigsaw, you must clear out a space to complete the picture and figure out where the pieces go.

The puzzle border is the line that helps you construct the masterpiece without getting overwhelmed. 

Mental Excercise:

While that was a philosophical life lesson, this is more about our mental capacity and how we can improve it. Solving jigsaw Australia puzzles is an excellent way to keep our brains sharp, alert, and creative. 

This is because solving jigsaw puzzles engage both our brain hemispheres – left and right – rather than just one. 

When solving a puzzle, the right side of the brain, which controls intuitive thinking and emotions, communicates with the left hemisphere, which handles logical thinking. We can complete the puzzle when both sides of our brains work seamlessly. Thus, studies have suggested that solving jigsaws can help prevent cognitive decline.

Improved Attention to Detail:

Solving puzzles enhances our cognitive thinking, and we learn to pay attention to detail in every sphere of our life. While solving puzzles, our eyes get trained to find minor differences in the shapes and colours of the pieces. 

Once we get habituated to seeing the minor details, we instinctively apply them to all other aspects of our life, especially on the professional front. Improved attention to detail enhances our work quality, ensuring minimal human error from your side.

One Piece At a Time:

Just like our life is made up of several different situations, people, and places, puzzles also need various pieces to come together to become a singular structure. Personal and professional relations, schools, college, self-care, and health, are just some facets of our life. 

It is not only overwhelming but also kind of impossible to focus on all of them at once. However, this might not seem too big a hurdle to cross for a puzzle solver.

When solving puzzles, you cannot create the entire picture at once. You will have to focus on one segment at a time and bring all the other parts together.

Similarly, in our lives, we have to learn to handle one aspect at a time to devote the necessary attention to all the other parts. So, jigsaw Australia puzzles also teach you to take one step at a time and enjoy life.

Memory Improvement:

Studies have suggested solving puzzles has been found to improve our neural connections and boost the creation of new pathways in the nervous system. This results in enhancing our thought processes and also improves our mental speed. 

While connecting the pieces, you must keep the shapes and colors in mind and visualize the image on a larger scale. Therefore, you are storing short-term data regarding piece color and shape and long-term data regarding the whole picture.

Having Fun:

Lastly, solving jigsaw puzzles is a fun and adventurous activity. There is no hurry in creating the masterpiece unless you take it upon yourself to finish within a limited time. This is something that can be applied to our life as well.

It is critical to have fun in life despite the curve balls it throws at us. Discover the small and big things or people in your life that give you joy and try to fit them together in your life just like a puzzle to get a wholesome bigger picture.

In Conclusion:

Now that we have established that jigsaw puzzles can teach life lessons and improve our health and memory, it is time to get started on one. Buy a four-piece or a hundred-piece puzzle and get down to bring forth the bigger picture.

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