What can you do with a bachelors in Economics?

Bachelor in economics is a highly sought after degree as it is widely prevalent in the market and offers unlimited potential and growth. The subject deals in proper resource allocation by analyzing the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. In this sector, one has to have knowledge of incentives, earnings and employment, investment and certain other integral issues. Due to widespread applicability, the sector enjoys tremendous popularity and with an undergraduate degree in the same, you can develop skills relevant to the field. 

What is BA in Economics? 

BA in Economics is an undergraduate degree that helps you in grasping important concepts and principles pertaining to the subject. You will gain a theoretical understanding of various economic approaches along with their application. Studying an economics degree can help you get excellent employment opportunities as well. Rather, it offers a wide range of options to choose from as it makes you capable of quantitative techniques and their use in troubleshooting problems. Various industries such as academics, government, business and more are constantly on the lookout for economic professionals.  

Considering how mentally stimulating the subject is, you will be able to develop critical thinking skills which are a great asset in the field of business. The curriculum is specifically designed to give you in-depth knowledge of resource management, finance, and markets.  

Job roles with an economic degree

There is a range of career options that you can choose with a BA in Economics. A common factor that all these job roles have is that they offer stability, growth and a good pay package. Here are some prominent roles to choose from: 

1. Economist

The job of an economist is to study and analyze market activities and collect financial and socioeconomic data. These financial experts advise clients on making economic decisions and also develop necessary models for the process. An economist also studies the economic impact of law and regulations and presents all the data in a proper format so that it is comprehensible. 

2. Financial risk analyst

 A financial risk analyst is someone who analysis and also forecasts market trends for which they need to keep track of all economic and financial development. It is their job to identify any potential risk and then guide the client likewise. 

3. Data analyst 

The job of a data analyst is to collect and store data on matters such as logistics, market research, sales numbers, and related issues. Using this specific information they guide their clients which can be an individual or an enterprise to make sound economic decisions. 

4. Financial Planner 

It is the job of a financial planner to research various investment strategies and then offer advice on financial planning and investment to clients. 

A bachelor’s degree in economics can be your gateway to a splendid future with various possibilities. If you are keen, then you can get further specialization in this field as well. 

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