What is Robot Lawnmower?


A Robot lawnmower makes the task of grass cutting a piece of cake. It works without any input from you except setting it up, but it doesn’t come cheap. If you have a lot of ground to cover, and you don’t want to struggle with pushing around a heavy mower, you can invest in a robot mower. You only need to struggle with its initial set up, and it will always be at your service.

How Do Robot Lawnmowers Work? 

Robot mowers work independently once set up. You don’t have to worry about switching them on, monitoring them, or pushing them around. They come on at the times you scheduled, mow the grass, and get back to the dock to recharge the battery for the next assignment. 

During the setup stage, you will need to create a map for them to work on so that they don’t go off the edges. They are so dedicated that they won’t stop until they have finished the assigned tasks. 

Also, many products come with sensors to detect obstacles in the garden. When they encounter any obstacles, they will change the direction of mowing, hence, it is advisable to remove obstacles like garden tools and children’s toys from their way. One good thing about robot lawnmowers is that they shred grass clippings so that you can use them as manure to nourish your soil.

How To Set Up Robot Lawnmower  

Setting up your robot mower is not rocket science. The majority of the set up is carried on the device, and some models require the use of a smartphone app. You will have to lay a perimeter wire so that the machine will be able to stick to set boundaries. The wire helps it to maneuver on the lawn and return to the charging dock without much hassle. 

The wire is fairly unnoticeable and secured by pegs. If you want the wire to be fully invisible, some manufacturers and dealers can help you to install it underground. Once you are through with the wire setup, you can begin the programming process of the robot. Ideally, you will set the date and time that you want the machine to work. Also, you will set the frequency of the operations in accordance with your expectations.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Robot Mower

Before purchasing a robotic mower for undemanding lawn maintenance, you need to put one or two things into consideration. This will help you to discover a product that will meet your expectations.

How Big is Your Garden? 

There is a maximum lawn size for every robotic lawnmower. You need to be sure that the product you want to buy comes with a perimeter wire that can cover your garden. Your garden size will determine the perfect product that will give you the best result.

Are There Any Slopes in Your Garden? 

Not all robot mowers can handle slopes effectively. Hence, you need to be sure that the product of your choice has the capability to manage slopes effectively.

Do You Need a Mower Than Works in the Rain? 

You should buy a machine with the capacity of cutting in wet conditions if your garden gets more rain. Some products will abandon their jobs and return to the dock when it starts raining.

Do You Need a Mower Than Can Handle Multiple Zones?

You should get a multi-zone machine if you have a lawn that is set apart by fences of paths. With some models, you will need to set a base zone, which is worked on automatically according to the schedule.

Does it Have Fixed or Pivoting Blades?

Both types of blades have their pros and cons. Pivoting blades can easily surpass obstacles while fixed blades cannot. Hence, fixed blades can get stuck when they encounter obstacles like garden tools or toys in your garden.

What Is The Battery Life?

This is very important because it determines the runtime of the machine. Battery capacity is usually measured in ampere-hour (Ah), and the higher the better. If your lawn is very large, you should go for a robot mower with a high battery capacity.


You need a good robot lawnmower for effective lawn maintenance, especially if you are the busy type. We have reviewed top products in the market, and you should check them out so that you won’t have issues choosing the best.

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