What Is The Best HGH Dosage For Fat Loss & How Long Does It Take To Work?

We’ve mentioned it before: as we age, your hormones decline with age. This includes HGH, or Human Growth Hormone. This “magic hormone” regulates multiple body processes, including metabolism. 

Children who are deficient in HGH tend to gain a little more weight. By the same token, adults whose HGH production has declined with age usually gain weight as well, as well as experience lower leptin levels. So it’s reasonable to presume that HGH supplemental therapy will help revitalize metabolic function. 

So how does HGH help with fat loss? 

How It Works

Based in the pituitary gland, hgh for fat loss only stays in the bloodstream for a few minutes. Once secreted, he liver begins changing it into growth factors. Those few minutes are enough to stimulate lipolysis, or the breakdown of lipids (fats) in the body, and turn triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. 

HGH also assists with carbohydrate metabolism by maintaining blood glucose, and protein metabolism to break down molecules and prevent buildup in tissues. 

HGH’s reactions also kick-start a process called ketogenesis, breaking down fatty acids into ketone bodies. This means that body fat is burned off normally, especially belly fat, where it tends to develop. 

When the pituitary fails to produce enough HGH, the lipolytic effect is diminished or lost. But combining HGH therapy with a lower-caloric diet restarts these processes. When HGH is present, the calorie deficit allows excesses to burn off naturally while increasing lean body mass. 

Remember that replacement therapy isn’t an “HGH diet plan.”  Ideally, HGH therapy should be accompanied by an absence of processed, high-starch and high-sugar food. Your diet should include more healthy foods such as lean protein, fresh vegetables and some fruits to cut calories and better nourish your body. 

It’s important to combine healthier eating habits and exercise with the HGH for overall better health that leads to fat loss and weight loss. Your doctor will discuss the entire protocol with you when prescribing HGH. 

How Long Does HGH Take To Work? 

The short answer is: it depends. 

There are two factors that affect the timing of the fat and weight loss: 

  1. The protocol prescribed by your doctor
  2. The way your individual system reacts to the introduction of HGH injections

Everyone is different, and your doctor will determine the best HGH cycle for you. Some people see results within a week or two, some within three or four. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for you. But by the end of three months, you should see the full range of benefit that HGH can give you, including muscle mass increase and loss of weight. 

Optimal effects will also depend on how much body fat you’re trying to lose. Cycling HGH should only be done under the care of your physician.

What Is The Best HGH Dosage For Fat Loss? 

Because real HGH is a pharmaceutical injection, it is prescribed by a licensed physician. The physician reviews your medical history and blood tests results to determine if you can take HGH, and how much.

The physician will take into consideration other medications you may be taking before providing you a treatment plan along your HGH supply. You must follow this regimen as prescribed, at the dosage prescribed. 

You can read more about HGH dosage here. Increasing the dosage on your own can lead unwanted to side effects such as swollen hands, headaches, and pain in the joints and muscles. 

Other Benefits From HGH

If fat loss and weight loss is your primary reason for considering beginning HGH therapy, here are a few other good reasons: 

  • Better sleep 
  • More energy
  • Increase in libido (both men and women) 
  • Improved moods and less stress
  • Better concentration
  • Faster healing of injuries
  • Reduction of wrinkles with thickened skin
  • Increased endurance and athletic performance
  • Increases in muscle mass
  • Reduction in cardiovascular disease

Even if your goal is fat loss, these benefits are simply part of the overall effect that replacing your HGH has on the body. The improvement of all the body’s functions through hormonal balance is a primary reason for pursuing HGH therapy. When the body is functioning optimally, fat loss almost becomes a “side effect” of HGH and not the primary reason.  

There isn’t one particular HGH that is “ideal” for fat loss. Our physicians prescribe several types, including Somatropin, Norditropin, Humatrope, Omnitrope, Xerendip, Saizen, Genotropin, and Nebido, just to name a few. We offer real, FDA-approved, injectable HGH at better prices than in US pharmacies. These are not supplements in pill form, which have to go through the stomach. 

Buying human growth online is safe and legal through our Mexican pharmacy. Want to learn about how HGH therapy can help you with fat and weight loss as well as other body systems? Call us toll-free at 1-888-370-2144, or email us at info@hghvallarta.com. We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities that HGH can offer. 

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