What is the scope of doing an MSc in engineering management?

Engineering management is an out-of-the-box professional engineering stream, which is apt for highly selective and forward-thinking students ready to take charge of the management world. The scope of MSc in engineering management is widely distributed across different career paths. Take a look at the following list of employment opportunities that lay ahead of you after completing your engineering management degree.

  • Application Engineer − Application Engineers employ input from customers and sales information to design (or re-design), create, analyse and implement complex software programs and applications. They liaise with both customers and engineering teams to provide technical support and expertise in testing applications, installations and maintenance. Often times, they may also need to perform sales presentations and demonstrations, as well as responding to customer feedback. 
  • Associate Marketing Manager − Associate marketing managers are typically hired by agencies or within dedicated in-house marketing departments. Their roles may vary from company to company but basically sticks to developing promotional campaigns and strategies to support in-house or agency marketing efforts. These professionals possess an overall balance of strategic direction and an oversight with direct development while implementing marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Client Services Analyst – Client Services Analysts possess foundational knowledge of advanced networking concepts and troubleshooting steps. They work to employ business and application knowledge to perform research and resolution to mitigate customer issues. Besides responding to client requests, their duties may also involve:
  • Liaising between client and internal areas;
  • Contributing towards project status;
  • Strategically planning meetings;
  • Coordinates client enrolment.
  • Clinical Specialist – Clinical specialists work in laboratories as part of a team consisting of technologists, technicians, and supervisors, where they carry out clinical lab tests. They specialise in several lab tests or procedures that are crucial for identifying both illnesses and drugs. Clinicians with a background in engineering management can work in both the biological and chemical division. They are expected to be naturally precise at their task and possess effective communication skills.
  • Automation Engineer – Automation engineers typically engage in the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. These professionals are experts at designing, programming, simulating and testing automated machinery and processes in order to complete tasks efficiently. They are mostly accountable for design specifications and other detailed documentation of their own creations.

Unlike other main-stream engineering or management programmes, pursuing an engineering management degree will give you the edge to establish yourself in a global environment. If you are interested in landing a job in any of the above-mentioned sectors then apply to a postgraduate course in engineering management today! 

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