What Makes up the Best Internet Deals

An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides internet connection among households and businesses. They are the retail distributor of NBN plans in Australia. Around 181 ISPs are serving the whole mainland. These companies offer different bundles, contracts, data limits, technology, and tier speed. They may or may not be available in your area. They also offer varied plans according to location. To be able to choose an NBN plan wisely, let’s take a look at what makes up the best internet deals.


ISPs typically offer bundled NBN plans. This includes internet service as the main service type. Optional add-ons are then offered at a less expensive price. They may either be a call pack, Fetch TV, or streaming subscriptions. The best bundled NBN plans in Australia covers that with a call pack. Home phones are still a means of communication for most Aussies. They work even on an electrical outage. They are also a handy device for a 911 call.

Telstra’s Standard plan offers unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 50 Mbps for $90.00 monthly. It comes with a free home phone for unlimited AU local, mobile, and national calls. You also get a free 3 monthly subscription to BINGE.


Most internet deals don’t have a lock-in period. But most ISPs offer contracts for either 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months in exchange for discounts and freebies. If you’re looking to use the internet for a long time in your household, contracts offer a better deal. A $5.00 monthly bill discount is a $60.00 savings for 12-months. Better yet, getting a 6-month contract to avail of a free modem which cost $99.00 is a big saving. 

Internode’s NBN 12 Plan offers unlimited data usage with a typical speed of 11.2 Mbps at only $49.99 monthly. You can get their modem, which costs $59.95, for free if you sign up for a 6-month contract.

Data Limits

The data limit of an NBN plan is also a factor to consider to get the best internet deals. You need to consider your data usage to determine the right amount of data you need every month. If you need the internet for basic use only, you can go away with a 10 GB data cap. If you constantly use the internet for large downloads and HD streaming, you may need a higher data limit. Better yet, an unlimited data plan suits a household with 3 to 4 internet users.

The TPG Basic Budget Plan offers a 10 GB data cap with a typical evening speed of 11.2 Mbps for only $29.99 monthly. 


Looking at the ISP technology is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a reliable connection. The best internet deals use FTTN technology. Its combined HFC and fiber optic cable are easy to diagnose and repair. This is also a low-cost technology.

Optus Internet Everyday Plan offers unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 45 Mbps for $75.00 per month. Being the 2nd largest Aussie telco, it has perfected the FTTN technology.

Tier Speed

The most popular NBN tier speed on the mainland is the NBN 50. They’re ideal for a household with 3 to 4 internet users. The speed tier supports the downloading of large files, HD streaming, and interactive online gaming.

Telstra Standard Plan holds the fastest typical evening speed for an NBN 50 plan. At 50 Mbps, it includes unlimited internet usage for $90.00 per month.


The price of an NBN plan is a breaking point in getting the best internet deals. An NBN 12 plan starts at $30.00 monthly. An NBN 25 plan starts at $49.00 monthly. NBN 50 plan starts at $60.00 monthly. While an NBN 100 plan starts at $75.00 monthly.

Tangerine XL Speed Boost plan offers the cheapest NBN 50 Plan if you sign up for a 6-month contract.  It includes unlimited data usage for only $59.99 monthly.

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