What Should You Know About Mini-MBA Programmes?

With the business world rapidly transforming and modern businesses adapting to advancements in technology, the expectations from business graduates joining the industry are changing as well. Long gone are the days when new business graduates were just expected to have an ivy-league college degree and adequate subject knowledge. These days, you need to be outgoing, an expert in your subject, have excellent communication skills and keen business acumen.

With the expectations mounting on them, students aspiring to enrol in various business programmes such as MBA are changing their priority lists. Flexibility is a top priority for most students, who prefer to keep working while pursuing an MBA simultaneously. This has led to universities offering more flexible MBA formats such as online MBA or mini-MBA programmes.

If you too want to juggle your work with a business degree and are intrigued by the concept of mini-MBA, this blog can be a friend in need. It provides a lot of practical information about mini-MBA programmes that you may want to know.

What do you mean by mini-MBA programmes?

The mini-MBA, as the name suggests, is a fast-track version of the regular MBA programme. This format concentrates what you would learn in two years, into less than 100 odd tuition hours. This course provides the broad basics of business insights and management, which they might need for a job or further exploration. You can think of a min-MBA as a long workshop covering the basics of an MBA.

A mini-MBA can be considered as a bird’s eye view of the entire curriculum of a regular MBA programme. Pursuing a mini-MBA course can also give you enough credits to shorten a full-length MBA programme if you wish to pursue one in the future.

What can you expect from a mini-MBA programme?

Most mini-MBA programmes exist in two different formats—an accelerated programme lasting for a week, or an extended programme lasting for several weeks. 

The week-long version offers a comprehensive understanding of a specific business major such as marketing, sales or finance, in a condensed format.

The extended version of mini-MBA is usually spread over 12-14 weeks, delivered in weekly classes of a few hours. This version focuses on several topics such as leadership and business ethics, with a single topic explored in one week.

What can you learn in a mini-MBA programme?

Although different programmes may have different curricula, all of them cover the basics of business administration and management. This may include business frameworks, management techniques, business negotiations and strategic thinking. You can also pick up useful skills for a corporate setup such as networking skills, leadership skills, strategy making skills and problem-solving skills.

How much does it cost to pursue a mini-MBA programme?

Many students prefer pursuing mini-MBA programmes as they cost significantly cheaper than regular MBA options. According to MBAcentral.org, the typical costs for mini-MBA programmes range around $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 globally. If you are planning to pursue this course in UK, you might find yourself shelling out around £ 3,000 or more for an accelerated mi-MBA programme. 

Modern-day employers are increasingly hiring mini-MBA graduates because of their comprehensive understanding of business technicalities as well as their immediate availability to join the position. You should consider joining a mini-MBA course for a bright business management career.

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