What To Consider While Hiring A Nearshore Software Developer?

Outsourcing software development projects has become a norm today! There are many reasons why an IT company looks for nearshore or offshore developers. Some reasons include budget restrictions to expand the in-house team or limited office spacing to hire in-house developers. Besides, some companies lack top-class talent in their in-house team for accomplishing big projects. 

Regardless of the reason a company considers outsourcing the software projects to a nearshore team, here are a few things to consider-

Geography Is The First Thing To Consider

Before you start looking for an outsourcing partner, define the geography in which you would like to search. There are thousands of outsourcing partners available across the world. One of the key motivators behind the IT-based companies using nearshore development work is that the nearshore software developers are generally present in the same time zone. 

Even if they are in a different time zone, they have the operating hours similar to the companies. By operating in similar working hours, companies enjoy the benefit of real-time communication to discuss problems with their counterparts. Addressing the issues quickly results in faster turnaround time and happy clients.

So, while searching for a nearshore partnership, consider the geography and time zone potentials.

Look For The Talent That Caters Your Needs

The next thing to consider while hiring an outsource software developer is choosing the talent that matches your project requirements. Putting your candidates to test is a great idea to find the best talent for your work. 

You can ask certain core questions to make sure that the potential partner is a good fit for your company:

What’s your approach to software development? Look for the words, such as agile, MVP, short prints, communication, quick iteration, etc.

How do you manage the most critical risks to software-outsourcing? You’ll get an idea of the vendor’s real experience, and they care most about in a project.

What are the strengths of your company over the others? By asking this question, you can gauge what your software outsourcing company underscores in his organization. You’ll also get an idea of what strategies they are investing in.

Outsource your project to an experienced company that can assemble a custom team by drawing a large pool of talent.

Match Your Methodology 

Working with a nearshore software developer is different from working with an onshore or offshore partner. It’s crucial to find the right development methodology that fits your company and the project requirements. Seek guidance from your in-house project manager to discuss which method will work the best for your task.

Choose An Experienced One

While talking about talent and experience, many people relate it to finding the developers proficient in programming language skills. However, just knowing a language doesn’t make an individual experienced! It’s the practical or hands-on project experience that counts. 

Remember, learning a new language is a matter of a few hours for an experienced developer. But, it takes years of experience to become skilled in a programming language. Look for a nearshore software development vendor who has expertise in the same area as your project.

Visit The Partner In Person, If Possible

Visiting your outsourcing partner may or may not be possible. However, a personal visit is a great way to see behind the veil. So, if it is possible, visit your prospective partner to know their true features.

Establish Good Communication

Now that you’ve signed the contract, and you are ready to get started with your outsourcing partner, the job isn’t over! Your partner might be facing the same pressure of hiring and retaining good talent to put together a team. Once the team is formed, you may expect a month or two more to understand your business. As the team is still learning, take time to establish the best communication structure.

With the availability of software developers all around the world, it’s quite easy to be eager in rushing to choose a partner. However, in order to find the best fit for your task, the decision needs to be executed carefully. Consider the things mentioned above to accomplish the next software project by choosing the right offshore IT partner.

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