What You Should Know About Buying an Edge of Dock Leveler

Perhaps the best thing about loading and unloading items is when you finally reach the point where you are finished. After moving things around, whether it is by hand or with machinery, there’s not a better feeling than being able to check something off your list.

There are plenty of things that can make your job easier that do not include hiring tiny elves that are summoned with a clip clap of the hand, and that’s purchasing an Edge of Dock Levelers.

What is the edge of the dock leveler?

Basically, these handy-dandy tools are perfect for those moments when the loading dock and truck trailer is about the same height. They can help bridge that tricky gap between the truck and dock, so you don’t lose any items or get a foot stuck there.

But are all created equally? While they all function with the same endgame in mind, not all Edge of Dock Levelers were created the same. There are plenty that has some different features and specifications, and you should be checking those out before you make your purchase.

We are going to go over some of the things that you should know before purchasing an edge of the dock leveler. 

Weight Capacity

The biggest thing you’ll notice when checking out different products is the amount of weight they can hold. Typically, the weight capacity ranges between 20,000-35,000 pounds. 

You’re going to be making that purchase based on your transportation materials, but the last thing you would want is to have your leveler break because of overload.


Chances are you’re not going to be buying a leveler for one-time use, and you want to make sure your choice is going to last you for the long-haul. 

The biggest area where you are bound to see some damage over time would be to the pivot points. With so much unloading and loading or changing positions, it makes sense that these may wear out quicker. Make sure you’re checking reviews to see which ones have the best ability to handle equipment and plenty of loading and unloading.


It almost goes without saying, but loading dock levelers are going to give you a bit more flexibility, but for many people, that’s perfectly fine. Loading dock levelers are going to come in many different shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Edge of dock levelers, on the other hand, tend to be a bit sturdier and simpler to use since they’re more of a “plug and play” type instrument.


Just as with loading capacities, your edge of dock leveler is going to come with various dimensions. Typically, these range between 66-84 inches.

It’s important to know the width of your deck as a smaller leveler is not going to work on a larger deck. It may seem like a small thing to focus on, but it’s incredibly important for compatibility.

Check Out the Bumpers

Not just what your kid uses while bowling, but bumpers are incredibly important for the use and durability of your levelers. 

Bumpers are usually a rubber/steel combo that sits on the edge of your leveler to make sure no external damage comes to the leveler itself. Having a good bumper can increase the overall life of your leveler and keep everything running smoothly.

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