When To Call A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Cortland NY

Getting old is part of one’s life. Unfortunately, no one, not even you, can be prepared in the event your elderly parents or loved ones need to be taken care of. Since taking care of the elderly requires time, patience, and dedication, you might end up deciding to admit them to a nursing home in Cortland NY, and other nearby cities. 

Primarily, a nursing home refers to a facility for elderly or disabled persons intended to provide residential accommodations with assisted living and other healthcare services. By entrusting the care of your loved ones, it means that the facility is responsible for their physical and medical health needs through the help of a caregiver and other staff members. Unfortunately, nursing homes aren’t always safe for the elderly family members because of abuse and neglect committed by the caregivers and other personnel. 

If you want to protect the rights and interests of your loved ones, keep reading this article to know when you should call a nursing home abuse lawyer in Cortland NY.

Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect: What Is It?

For better understanding, nursing home abuse or neglect refers to a type of harm experienced by older people in nursing home facilities. This usually happens when the caregivers and other staff personnel commit emotional, physical, and psychological abuse and neglect against the residents of the nursing home. 

Given these circumstances, nursing homes or related facilities can be held civilly liable for nursing home abuse with acts such as inadequate care, improper maintenance of the facility, improper supervision of employees, and many more. In such a case, families of the victims can file either a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit with the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer in Cortland NY. 

Nursing Home Abuse: Situations That Need The Assistance Of A Lawyer 

Now that you’re already familiar with what nursing home abuse or neglect is, it’s time to go through the following situations that will warrant the assistance of a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Here are some of them: 

1. Reported Instances Of Harassment And Verbal Assaults

Just like any other person, your elderly family member deserves to be respected at all times, regardless of the circumstances. They shouldn’t be inflicted with anguish, distress, or pain through verbal acts. 

Therefore, when your loved one complains of cases of verbal assault and harassment by nursing home personnel, it’s best to consult a lawyer and see how you can file a lawsuit for nursing home abuse. Remember that yelling, using words to offend them, and anything that might stir fear of imminent danger to them are situations that require the services of a nursing home attorney. To choose the best person to represent you, you can click here for more information. 

2. Sustains Bodily Injury And Physical Pain

One of the indicators of nursing home abuse is when your elderly family member experiences physical pain and other bodily injuries. When you notice some unexplained injuries such as bruises, black eyes, sprains, and even broken bones in your loved one, these can be signs that they’re physically abused in the nursing home. 

Moreover, if you see some rope marks and things like straps, belts, and ropes in the room of your elderly, these can also be a sign that they’re physically restrained or prevented from doing the things they usually do. 

3. Fails To Receive The Care And Attention They Deserve

If your loved one shows poor personal hygiene, malnutrition, and infections, these can be a signal that the nursing home in Cortland NY neglects their individual needs. For instance, bedsores, inadequate clothing, and soiled bedding can be indicators that they don’t receive adequate care and attention in the facility. 

Not only that, but when they suddenly lose weight and display some signs of infections and medical problems, these mean that your elderly family member doesn’t get enough nutrients in the food they eat. 

4. Displays Unexplained Changes In Behavior

You also need to call a nursing home abuse lawyer in Cortland NY when your loved one shows unexplained changes in behavior such as becoming agitated, emotionally upset, and uncommunicative, as well as withdrawing from ordinary activities. These can be signs that they’re emotionally and psychologically abused in the nursing home facility. 

Final Thoughts

Ideally, when senior citizens live in a nursing home, they deserve the best quality care that a facility can give to them. This is one of the reasons why families who can’t take care of their loved ones 24/7 depend on nursing homes to provide for their personal needs. Sadly, not all facilities are trustworthy, as some end up inflicting harm upon the victims. 

Therefore, if you don’t want your elderly family member to be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in Cortland NY, watch out for these situations and consult a lawyer to tackle your legal options. 

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