Where to go hiking in Nepal

If you’re a mountain lover, and you are looking for some hiking adventures and familiar thrill, your next choice should fall, undoubtedly, in Nepal. This destination is probably one of the most recognizable regions among all Himalayan climbers since it’s located mainly in the Himalayas- the heart of all mountain ranges. That’s why this part of the world attracts millions of tourists every year, encouraging them to their Earth’s highest peaks. Now, you’re probably thinking of Mount Everest. You’re right, but except for that, Nepal is full of other mountain trails with stunning views. To choose the most suitable one for yourself, you need to answer some questions first. Before packing your backpack, consider trekking difficulty, the length of your vacation, your budget, season, and the number of your companions. But you don’t have to limit yourself in any way. If you wish, you can choose from different tracks and compare them so that you would diversify your stay in Nepal. 

Mount Everest

If you go to Nepal for the first time, you would probably choose Mount Everest as your virgin trekking route. That’s obvious- everyone dreams about seeing the world’s highest mountain with their own eyes, not necessarily from the top of the summit, but at least from the track. 8 848 meters above sea level must make an overwhelming impression on every traveler, especially when they can see other majestic peaks around. 

However, don’t be scared- you don’t have to be a professional climber to enter this track, its difficulty level is estimated as medium. And the best season to go there is from March to May and then from October to November. It’s essential to remember it while organising your trip to Nepal and having Mount Everest in the works. 

Annapurna Circuit 

Another popular mountain trail in Nepal, chosen by around 100 000 trekkers every year is Annapurna Circuit. The total length of its routes varies between 160-230 km, which makes it the best long-distance trek in the world. What’s interesting about this route is the fact that people hike there anticlockwise since crossing its highest point- Thorung La pass is much easier and safer this way. When you feel exhausted, you can even stop to drink a cup of tea in one of the tea-houses located on the track. If you need any further instructions about Annapurna Circuit, you can find more info at Kandooadventures.com


If you go to Nepal only for one week and you are worried that you won’t have enough time for trekking, you’re wrong. You can always choose a less demanding track, like Langtang, located in the north of Nepal, bordering Tibet. It offers you cultural insight into local villages and Tibetan traditions. While being there, you can also enter the Langtang National Park and observe people living there. There are around 4 500 residents who rely, to a great extent, on timber and firewood from this park.


Being in Nepal, you can’t miss one of the best treks situated in the west-central part of this city, which is Manaslu. Are you curious about the origins of its name? It comes from the Sanskrit word “manasa” and means “mountain of the spirit”. This eighth highest mountain in the world actually offers you a wide range of trekking options, so for sure you won’t get bored. However, keep in mind its difficulty level, which is much higher and is intended for more advanced trekkers.  

Gokyo Lakes

And maybe would you like to combine trekking with admiring beautiful lakes? Then, go to Gokyo Lakes, which are the six world’s highest freshwater lakes. They are located off the beaten track, which makes them less touristy than other mountain trails. But remember that Gokyo Lakes is also the part of Everest Base Camp trek, so if you aim at accomplishing the whole route, you’ll need more time. The views that are waiting for you from the top are worth any price. 

Upper Mustang

Finally, if you are planning to stay in Nepal around two weeks, you may consider hiking in a remote and isolated region of the Nepalese Himalayas, namely at Upper Mustang. Trekking in Nepal may turn into a fantastic experience of encountering Tibetan culture and its language. So, if the combination of picturesque landscapes with the rich Tibetan culture is what you are looking for, Upper Mustang should be one of your bullet points on your bucket list. 

As has been demonstrated, Nepal is rich in numerous mountain tracks which may enrich your holiday experience with breathtaking picture-postcard views. Are you hungry for contact with nature? Then, choose some of the tracks presented above and hit the road! The world is too extensive and fascinating to sit like a bump on the log, only plotting a course on the map. 

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