Which mode is easy: ACCA computer-based vs Paper-based?

What is ACCA? 

ACCA, also known as the Association of Chartered Certification Accountants, is an international professional accountancy body which was formed in 1904. It is a rapidly growing organization with over 5 lakh members and students in 170 countries. The ACCA degree is recognized in all the countries as equivalent to their local qualification. Students pursuing ACCA earn an advanced diploma in business can apply for ACCA Member status. 

What are the benefits of ACCA qualification?

  • The ACCA certification enables you to become a Certified Chartered Accountant and lets you work in any aspect of management or finance in any business.
  • The certification is based on international accounting and auditing and IFAC standards. 
  • It offers better employment opportunities in finance as a result one got good job options in all areas of business.
  • The one with ACCA certification assures an employer that the candidate they are hiring has the necessary skills to progress for more senior management positions.
  • Getting a certification like this shows that holder have knowledge and skills which are in high demand in the profession like banking, consulting, auditing, taxation, and law.
  • The ACCA certified person not only gain specialist skills in accounting and finance but also gain some major skill in organizational management & strategy. 
  • The ACCA certification is of a high standard and is equivalent to completing a full University Degree. 
  • The biggest benefit of opting ACCA certification is that the exams are held twice a year which means students can work while they prepare for the tests. 

Three reasons why ACCA computer-based examination is better than paper-based:


The computer-based ACCA exam can be taken at any point throughout the year and most of the students find this feature beneficial. The main advantage of having a computer-based exam is that students can take their test much sooner while the information is fresh in your mind.

Instant results

Another key feature of taking a computer-based exam is that the person appearing the test gets results immediately if one has passed. In the paper-based exam, one has to spend a week or two waiting for the result. 


Being a cloud-based exam, there is always a chance of improvement. The computer-based test center keeps making it more convenient for test-takers. All centers are approved by ACCA to ensure they all meet the good standards so students don’t have to face any challenge during exams.

For me, my preference always has been the computer-based exam, what is your choice?

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