Why Choose Online Food Order on Train Journey: All You Need To Know

The train journey is one of the best experiences anyone could have. Long-distance train journeys are a great way to get a beautiful sense of the country. You get to sit, relax and enjoy the scenic beauty through the window. Plus, it gives you quality time with your family and friends. 

The most exciting part about a train journey is the food. For long-distance journeys, home-cooked foods don’t last long. Passengers rely on pantry cars and food vendors. But oftentimes, the food available in the train pantry lacks hygiene and quality. Passengers find it difficult to find quality food during their journey. The traditional food delivery in the train has poor hygiene and safety measures.

Hence, ordering your food online during your train journey is easier and safer. It is better than all other available food options you can avail of. IRCTC has partnered with many food aggregators for online food delivery in trains

Zoop is one of the authorized train food delivery aggregators, approved by IRCTC. With online food delivery in trains, you get to enjoy a variety of cuisines. Your order gets delivered from FSSAI approved restaurants. Also, the quality and the hygiene of the food justifies the FSSAI standards.

Imagine a train journey with your friends and families and not having to worry about your food. You can get your food delivered to you from the comfort of your seat by ordering online. You get to spend your time wisely and cherish those moments with your families. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Here are few reasons why you should choose online food order on your train journey:

1. Comfort

With the advancement in technology, smartphones have become essential for everyone. You can order your food online with ease using your smartphones. It saves you time and effort. The application is user-friendly and the ordering process is very straightforward. You need not roam around the train to find food. By using the train food delivery app, your food gets delivered right to your seat. 

2. Food from FSSAI approved restaurants

Order food on the train and be rest assured about the hygiene and quality of the food. All the food partners and restaurants are IRCTC approved. They are also certified by FSSAI and maintain their food standards. Why depend on low-quality food from platforms and vendors when you can get food from FSSAI approved restaurants?

3. Easy payment options

You no longer have to worry about carrying cash for your food and snacks. All the ATM hunting and having exact change can be put to an end. Online food delivery in trains has easy and convenient payment methods like Google Play, Phonepe. It encourages cashless payment options. 

4. Wide range of food options

Due to the rapid growth in the food industry, customers look forward to exploring different kinds of foods and cuisines. Thanks to the online food delivery for satisfying the cravings on the go. Online food delivery has a plethora of food options to choose from. From fast food to regional foods, passengers can now enjoy everything. Restaurants cover almost all kinds of cuisines: Briyani, Nonveg Thali, Vegetarian Thali, Chinese food, Italian, Pizza, Cake, Snacks, and a lot more. This way, you can try out a variety of regional foods every time you travel.

5. Safety guidelines

The current pandemic situation has taught us the importance of health. All the food delivery staff are regularly monitored for health issues. The kitchen staff undergoes temperature checks and thorough examination before they start cooking. Delivery staff wear masks all the time and follow proper sanitization. Your food gets covered in sanitized bags right after it is cooked. Delivery boys are properly trained to ensure contactless food delivery. There is absolutely no human contact.

6. Hygienic and fresh foods

Pantries and food cars prepare foods in large quantities and provide you with reheated food. Your health goes for a toss consuming the food. Whereas, online food delivery provides you fresh food that is prepared right after you order. The food is prepared by top chefs from FSSAI approved restaurants. You can enjoy your food without having to worry about hygiene.

7. Hassle-free experience

You are in for a hassle-free experience when you use the train food delivery app. The process of ordering your food is super simple. Choose your favorite food, order it online and that’s it. Your order is taken care of and delivered straight to your cabin. You don’t have to look for food vendors or wander around to find the pantry. Get your food from the comfort of your seat.

8. Cost-effective

Given the high food quality and the food options, the cost is very minimal. Needless to say, the food is delivered to you with zero to minimal delivery charges. Online food service guarantees you nutritious and healthy food. Your money goes to waste when you order low-quality food from the train pantry. By ordering your food online, you need not worry about the quality of the food. If there is a mishap, you can always rely on customer support to help you get your refund.

9. Bulk food orders

If you are traveling with a large group of friends or family, carrying food for everyone may not be a good option. You can order your food through an online food delivery app by giving the food options, date of travel, and the number of passengers. It is as simple as that. You need not worry about a thing. Your food will be delivered on the said date. You can simply have fun and enjoy your journey.

10. Special Requests

Online food delivery service is a blessing. There are food options for everyone. Be it a baby, a toddler, or grandparents, everyone’s need is fulfilled. Diet foods, special foods for elders, and boiled milk for babies can also be delivered. This is not possible with the traditional food delivery system.

Thus, in a world where everything is made available online, online food delivery in trains is also seeing rapid growth. It does a great job in meeting the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and hygiene. The ultimate goal boils down to customer satisfaction. Clearly, ordering your food online makes your train journey a pleasant experience on a whole.