Why do you want to become an actor (or actress)?

Many will never be able to become an actor, some will never have the courage to give up their job to embark on the adventure, some will decide to do something else because they will be tired of running the castings, others will make the decision to continue as amateurs or give up their ambitions.

Becoming an actor or actress requires a great deal of courage and investment. You have nothing for nothing; to be successful you have to be ready to pay the price!

I am like you at the bottom of the ladder, and I also have my doubts and my difficulties, but I sincerely believe in my success and here is why:

My dream is bigger than me

I want my success to inspire other people to follow their path. I want to use my money and my notoriety to defend the causes in which I believe. In other words, by being successful I will train other people with me, and the whole world will benefit in one way or another. It is not just about me, I feel invested with a duty. My dream is bigger than me and I would be ashamed if I did not follow through because the success I envision will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

Real artists influence the world through their art; they use their inspiration and make it available to others.

Cinema inspires millions of people every day to change their lives, to act differently. The actors must be sources of inspiration for the world. What films have influenced you? How do you want to influence the world? Why do you want to become an actor?

I will not give up until I am successful

I know that if I fail to live my dream, I will never forgive myself for it. I’d rather die than give up my dream for an easier, more comfortable, or more ordinary life. I don’t have a bigger dream than this and I’m ready to die for it. My philosophy of life: succeed or die.

The only failure there is to give up before you have succeeded. George Clooney waited years for his career to really take off. He could have given up many times, but he held on and today he’s one of Hollywood’s big stars.

I see it big

I’m not content with hoping to make a living from acting and earn enough income to feed my family. I want a great international career, playing with the best actors and the best directors in the world. I aim for total success in order to have a clear direction and a strong motivation.

Allow yourself to dream big! Your success begins in your imagination. If you can’t imagine yourself at the peak of your success, you will never get there. Seneca said: “There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they want to go”. So grab the telescope of your imagination and focus it on your success 

Which actor do you want to become?

I like to learn

I will continue to train all my life to improve myself whether it’s in acting or my life in general. Life teaches us something every day, it is up to us to recognize these lessons to improve ourselves. I have dozens of books on acting, on psychology, human relations, communication etc.

Actors have to be life experts because movies are life lessons. What are the reasons why you want to become an actor? What do you have to bring through your success? When we have a powerful dream that encompasses the entire universe, then the entire universe begins to help us.

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