Why So Many People Are Moving to Bethany Beach, Delaware

If you are looking to move to Bethany Beach, DE, you are not alone. An excellent portion of people moves to Bethany Beach due to its tranquil and overall peaceful nature. It can certainly be a wonderful place to reside as it offers a slew of benefits.

The city is based in Sussex County and holds a population of over 1,300 people. One would also find that Bethany Beach, DE residents earn around $84,000 at a median level while the middle housing price is in the $560,000 range. That means that the quaint area offers a housing affordability index range of around 82.

The other critical factor you would want to know about this beautiful place is that unemployment levels are below 1.70%. It has quite a bit to offer.

Here is what you must know about Bethany Beach, DE.

Fantastic Homes for Sale in Bethany Beach Delaware

People understand that the housing market in Bethany Beach is not that busy. That is why they are prone to reaching out to professionals in Bethany Beach sooner than later to scope out homes for sale in Bethany Beach Delaware. As these towns slow down from the fall months to April, one can find a good bit of time to genuinely understand the lay of the land and purchase a home that works for them.

You will find that you will have quite a bit of older neighbors who are in retirement with a mix of younger couples. These younger couples may work from home and seek to live in an area where they can quickly drive to the beach and relax, move around, and feel the wind in their hair.

The average home prices in the area range upward from $300,000 and above. You can find a variety of home styles within a decent price range. Further, it has good schools, various activities to do and is a great place to hang out with your dogs.

Remember that crime is minimal in the area and that one can always find activities. Humidity can range throughout the year but can be quite beneficial if you seek to have some farming opportunities.

You have the opportunity to meet a lot of different people who come by and visit for vacation. There are also different business opportunities that arise due to these high levels of interest from tourists in the area.

The best part is that you can get to other places such as Wilmington and other towns due to the proximity of these areas.

In A Noisy World Bethany Beach Offers Tranquility

Perhaps the largest draw for people when it comes to Bethany Beach, Delaware is that it is a peaceful and tranquil town over the course of a large majority of the year. You have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities over the summer if you so choose. The hot summer months bring many tourists and travelers to the area.

Indeed, during the summer, Bethany Beach becomes a massive hub of activity, almost transforming into a resort city that compels over 14,000 people to visit and bask in the sun, the waters, and beach-related activities.

Bethany beach offers peace during much of the year, but it will also have a bit of fast-paced activity over the summer months. That means that you can have your proverbial cake and eat it, too. You have peace for over nine months and significant activity during the summer months!

Indeed, tourists can have fun, and locals can also indulge in the various activities, events, and places present there.

Bethany Beach Offers Experiences and Classic Times

Bethany Beach has an activity that focuses on its boardwalk. It is a small stretch of land for a boardwalk, but it runs alongside beautiful sandy beaches that are just right for laying down, having a cool drink, and reading your book.

Of course, you would have to take advantage of the many boating experiences over the summer to live like a true local. 

Finally, the town offers plenty of restaurants rich in quality foods, alcoholic beverage lounges, and general forms of nightlife. You will find that it is hectic in the summer, but it stays decent and perfect over the other months.

From pirate golfing to jet skis and even the chance to visit comic books, among other attractions such as parasailing, to the opportunity to visit Nassau Valley Vineyards, Bethany Beach, and surrounding areas, have quite a bit to offer.

The Nassau Valley Vineyards is the state’s first and top-notch winery. It is present a few miles from Rehoboth and Bethany and offers a chance to contemplate life while tasting fantastic wine and food. You can find it resting on spacious lands. It helps you get away from it all while spending time with a few other people as well.

The Bethany Beach trolley offers a simple way to get around when you want to move around the city. What people love the most about this trolley is that it will cost less than thirty cents per trip.

The DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum offers a wide variety of insight into shipwreck collections and artifacts. These displays will transport you into different eras and captivate your senses as you learn about history.

Family Fun Oriented Towns

You do not have to worry about Bethany Beach being a resort town if you are looking to raise a family. As noted several times, it is a peaceful place with a very low crime rate, a moderate cost of living, and events and activities for the whole family.

For instance, families appreciate the Delaware Seashore State Park.The park provides individuals and families with an array of water-related fun that children and parents can talk about for years to come. You can indulge in fishing and even sailboarding if you so choose!

It offers easy access to other peaceful resorts in the local area as well.

The boardwalk provides an opportunity for individuals to interact with each other, spend time together and look on at the Atlantic sea. Of course, it also encourages exercise such as walking, running, and jogging on the beach. People love that they can go kayaking during specific seasons and like that they can conduct yoga and pilates on the beach.

You can go for spa days, rent bikes, and take part in festivals and other activities that take place in the local area.

The town offers opportunities and beach living and it attracts many due to these features.