Why Varicose Veins Common On The Left Side? – Know its Treatment

Varicose veins are the veins that appear to be bulging out from the skin. These veins bulge out due to the accumulation of blood inside them. This accumulation of blood occurs because of the damaged valves that restrict the easy passage of the blood.  

Varicose veins are usually seen on the legs as a result of pressure on the lower body. Obesity, pregnancy, wearing heels are the major reasons that lead to these bulging veins in the legs. Thus, women are more prone to developing varicose veins in comparison to men. This condition causes a lot of pain and heaviness in the legs and can hinder your normal lifestyle.

Though varicose veins can arise in any part of the legs, it is found to form more on the left leg. This makes people ponder over 

Why is the occurrence of varicose veins more common on the left side? 

Much researches have shown that the incidences of varicose veins are more commonly seen in the left leg as compared to the right one. The probable reason behind this is the anatomy of the human body. 

In the human body, the right common iliac artery traverses over the left common iliac vein. This compresses the left iliac vein and the venous pressure on the left side increases.

(The iliac arteries are two large arteries that originate from the fourth lumbar vertebra)

The increased venous pressure, in turn, hinders the optimal functioning of the vein valves. As a result, reflux of blood can happen, and thus the risk of varicose veins on the left legs is more than that in the right leg.

A study conducted in Finland revealed that in case of unilateral varicose veins, the left side was involved in 71 percent of the cases

So, this was all about the occurrence of varicose veins more on the left side. Now, let’s look at the necessity of the treatment and the best-suited treatment for varicose veins.

Why is varicose veins treatment necessary?

Of course, once the veins are damaged it is difficult for the body to heal them on its own. Though remedies and yoga can help in improving, a permanent solution is through medical treatment only. Delaying or neglecting the treatment can aggravate the varicose veins leading to blood clots, bursting of veins, and forming of open ulcers. All these things get severe with each stage of varicose veins. 

Thus, in order to prevent any of these complications, you must receive the best non-invasive treatment. The modern, laser treatment is the most preferred choice of both the doctor and the patients these days. The laser treatment for varicose veins in Delhi is easily available nowadays, you just have to choose the right doctor.

The benefits of laser treatment for varicose veins

Laser treatment for varicose veins is a very simple yet very effective procedure that helps you get rid of the troubles of varicose veins without any hassles. In laser treatment, the surgeon uses pulses of laser energy to shut off the damaged veins and reroute the flow of blood through healthier veins. The damaged veins then collapse and eventually fade away over time.

Laser treatment is a minimally invasive and painless procedure that cures varicose veins without carrying out any major incisions, cuts, or stitches on the body. It is performed on an outpatient basis, which means you don’t need to worry about those long and inconvenient hospital stays.

It is an absolutely safe procedure that involves no risk of postoperative complications. Laser treatment also offers a speedy and healthy recovery. With just a few precautions, you’ll be good to go back to your routine life in less than a week. 

You can reach out to Pristine Care in Delhi as they offer the most convenient treatment experience for all their patients. With the expertise of their specialist doctors and their USFDA approved modern laser treatment, you can say goodbye to these pesky varicose veins without much hassle. All you need to do is give them a call and the medical coordinators will take care of the rest.

Take Away

Varicose veins come with a number of troubles and discomfort and can disrupt your daily life tasks. Therefore, it is always better to get proper medical consultation as soon as the symptoms of varicose veins start to surface. This would help you manage the problem better and also prevent any unforeseen complications.

Also, do not forget to stay hydrated and have a fibrous diet. Doing so will enable your body to fight varicose veins better. Stay well hydrated to maintain the optimal functioning of the vascular system. Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle and lead a happy and trouble-free life.