Why You Need a Proper Skateboard Storage

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, do not be like many skateboarders who only take care of their skateboards when the weather is kind enough to ride and when its offseason, they toss them off in the garage. If that’s the case, you will be wasting a lot of time and money buying a new skateboard every time the season is perfect for skateboarding.

Do you know, a properly stored skateboard maintains its design and shape? Moreover, you will be able to protect it from scratches and harsh weather conditions. There are many ways you can protect your skateboard while in storage. If you are wondering why we are emphasizing on this matter, then read on;

Why Do You Need a Proper Skateboard Storage?

If you are learning how to ride a skateboard, you must think beyond your board and skate shoes. You need to have a perfect place to keep your items. Here are some reasons you need to think about:

Protection from harsh weather condition

Cold weather can wreak havoc on a skateboard if it is left outside for several hours. When you leave your skateboard outside overnight, you might be doing it more harm than good. It’s even worse when the weather is humid.

If you leave your skateboard on the deck since the deck will absorb water, the layers of wood will detach. In fact, over time, it can be a source of delamination. Hence, it will be hazardous to skate in wet conditions. Nonetheless, humid conditions may make the bolts and the bars of your skateboard to rust. 

Make sure that you store your skateboard in a dry and relatively warm place. Not only will the cold temperature damage it, but also hot temperatures. If you leave store your skateboard in a very hot room or leave it under the scorching sun for too long, the damage will be noticeable. It will start to crack and the wheels may begin to become brittle over time. Additionally, hot weather may wear away the bushings. When bushings get hot, they tend to bend rapidly. This will, therefore, affect the general appearance of your skateboard.

Prevent accidents and injuries

If you leave your skateboard lying on the floor, it might get in your way. But that’s not all; someone might step on it and trip over. And this may cause more harm than you can imagine. To avoid such accidents, make sure you invest on a skateboard rack. There are specific racks that are designed for skateboards. But if you love to have a DIY project, you can easily make one from home. 

It may seem silly to keep storing your skateboard on a rack if you are using it daily, but trust me, keeping it away from the floor will prevent a lot of harm. In fact, you will be killing two birds with one stone; maintaining your skateboard as well as protecting yourself from any accident. Therefore, a proper skateboard storage structure is an excellent solution for the long-term as well as the day to day use. 

Obtain the maximum out of your skateboard

When you store your skateboard correctly, you increase its lifespan. Besides, you will also be able to maintain its hardware. If you want your skateboard to stay in top shape, be sure to check all the fragments after you use it. When you lose the accessories, you will be forced to buy new spare parts. However, all of this can be avoided altogether with the right storage.

Another thing, when you are examining your skateboard, check if all the wheels are rotating precisely. Additionally, you can check if all the nuts and screws are tight. 


If you are a fan of skateboarding, then its no doubt that you have invested a great deal of money on a flawless skateboard. A well-maintained skateboard will last you for more than two years. Therefore, if you do not want to keep buying a new skateboard regularly, then you need to keep it in the perfect form. 

To get the best of your skateboard, you need to invest in a proper storage system. Additionally, you need to inspect all the parts before storage. For starters, you can check if the nuts and the screws are intact, and if not, you can tighten them. Follow up by checking if the wheels are hovering off and then repair where necessary. To sum it up, when you follow these maintenance tips and store it in a proper storage rack, you will undoubtedly keep your skateboard for many years. 

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