Wood Projects For Everybody

Those of us who had grown up on the farm are likely to be familiar with wood. Some of us probably had a lot of fun trying to make a dream item with wood. Wood projects can bring a lot of fun time for childhood. When we were young we were just hammering away without much thought or concern about the craftsmanship in this activity. Woodworking can be much more than just flexing our muscles and perspiring profusely.

Woodworking – Bonding Time?

To a child, the time spent with his father in doing some woodworking can be a wonderful bonding time. To the father, it can be a lot of relationship-building with the son. The father can also teach the son not only about woodwork but a good time to teach about life and other things. If you are able to involve the whole family in a project like making the dining table and chairs, you will have more than a complete dining set at the end of the project. You will have great family time together.

Plan – Determines The Success Of Your Wood Projects

Woodworking plan plays a very important role in the whole DIY project. As mentioned in another article on this site and by many people, a good plan is absolutely crucial in any woodwork project. A good plan ensures no hiccups and a nice looking piece of work at the end. ‘Bad’ plan can give you a lot of headaches and may also sink the whole project. By that I mean the project can be so distorted you simply give up without completing it. What constitutes a good plan? The most basic is the measurements. Better features would include step-by-step instructions.

Where To Find Good Woodworking Plan?

Where do you find a good plan? There are many FREE plans on the internet for you to download. Can you use a FREE plan? Yes, you definitely can, provided the critical features are in place. Are all paid plans good? Not necessarily. Again, you have to evaluate a plan against some of the critical features which you must have, especially if you are not very experienced and well-versed in the craft. It’s probably better to pay some money for a good plan than going for a FREE plan and end up sinking the whole project, which will waste more of your money on the materials and other stuff. In fact, if you do some comparison, the paid plans are not too expensive. I will mention two paid plans below for your reference.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans And Projects

Ted’s Woodworking is developed by Ted McGrath. Ted is an experienced and savvy woodworker and handyman. His Woodworking product comes with 16,000+ plans. That is a whole lot of plans and projects, more than enough for many lifetimes. The newbies to woodworking will find Ted’s plans clear and concise, with step-by-step instructions for each project. Experienced and professional woodworkers will find the selection of plans and projects a value. Ted’s Woodworking is sold for $67 with 4 bonuses and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Ted’s plans can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. 

John Metz’s Woodworking4home Package

The other one is Woodworking4home Package by John Metz. John is also a professional woodworker. John’s product has over 14,000 plans and projects. Again, the number of plans is probably overwhelming initially. Once you start building more projects, you will find that you have plenty of plan choices. John’s product is sold for $49 with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Again John’s plans are also downloadable once you have made the payment. 

The Choice Is Yours

 The choice is yours. Once you have obtained good plans, you can start work on your wood projects with peace of mind and enjoy this wonderful craft. Always use best woodworking tools like DEWALT Compact Router and drill etc…

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