Yoga Injuries and How to Tackle with Them

Many yoga practitioners like common people think that whey protein is only for bodybuilders to get them big muscles. Yoga practitioners don’t need big muscles then why should they consume. This is a wrong notion circulating around the world. 

Whey protein powder is just a supplement that feels your protein gaps easily. The body takes help from protein to get recovered quickly after strenuous training that is important to stay continued. 

Is Yoga A Tool For Injury Prevention?

Many people also argue that yoga is suggested as a rehab tool or injury prevention for post heavy weight training. So why yoga practitioner is needed whey protein to recover the yoga that has no chances of getting injured. 

Yes yoga is a great tool for recovering post intense workout injuries. But the yoga they practice is not such an intense level. Yoga has many variations and levels that are hard to achieve for everyone and those who try to achieve those levels have to pay the cost by receiving some intense injuries that are too much higher than paying whey protein price

Common Injuries While Practicing Yoga: 

Usually, yoga is suggested to many athletes to recover them from their present injuries. But intense yoga practices make practitioners vulnerable to injuries. Here are the most common injuries that happen while practicing yoga. 

  • Wrist Pain: Many yoga practitioners complain about wrist pain that happens because of the combination of fast movement and balance. Our wrists are not meant for tolerating the body weight. So, if the wrist takes more weight than it’s supposed to do this will result in chronic pain. To limit the risk, distribute your body weight on your complete body rather than some certain parts. This way you will avoid your wrists and hands to keep away from unwanted stress. 
  • Lower Back Pain: Yoga has shown many benefits for back muscles and strengthening. It releases the hip tightness. But sometimes it can cause lower back pain. Generally, it happens with the people who are in the competitive yoga business. They try to push their limits without knowing the limitations of their current body status. To avoid this issue, practitioners should work on their flexibility slowly and notice their results inch by inch everyday. Keeping the progression in mind and paying attention to your body is the solution for it. If you have already injured yourself, try to get recovered first before attempting this again. 
  • Neck Tightness: You must have noticed neck strain while you are hunching over your smartphone for long periods of time. Tilting the head can enhance the burden that your spine and neck have to handle. That leads to weak neck muscles and makes you vulnerable to injuries. To avoid such injuries, you need not to release your whole body burden to your head or neck. Also try to avoid one posture for a long period of time in a day and curb the screen time which is the reason to be in the same posture for a long time.  

Firstly, take out the popular notion that whey protein is just only for gym-goers. And incorporate the supplement as your yoga companion. It will help you to revolve from the yoga injuries that usually take place due to overstretching without a warmup. So, before doing the intense yoga practices, you need to do warm-up yoga exercises. And at the end of your intense yoga practice, you need to massage your body with various herbal oils available in the market. Within 30 minutes of intense yoga exercise, you should take your whey protein shake so that you will get all the nutrients your muscles need to recover. 

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