4 Best Las Vegas Magicians

Las Vegas Magicians

Here is a list of the best Las Vegas Magicians in 2019-2020. What’s Vegas without magic? There are lots of exceptional performers who have become a vital component of any exciting trip to the city.

The prime magic shows are all listed on the Vegas Lens, and here’s a brief overview…

The Las Vegas Magicians David Gatti with his show “MAGIA”

David Gatti is an Italian magician who performs at the Trump Hotel, 2000 North Fashion Show Drive … A close up magic show with a duration of 60 minutes for up to only 40 people.

With magic close up, spectators will be able to see the magic so closely that they can almost touch it! You’re on a date with humor, incredible memory, and great light-hand tricks.

This magician also performs magic illusions by cutting his partners in half before making them disappear. He also appears on stage and on the exact same time, live cameras view pictures of him in another place, a plane, a car, etc…

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic at Saxony Theater – Planet Hollywood

A funny magic show with very nice partners and lovely big illusions. Nathan has a great and clean sense of humor that even children will appreciate. He is definitely one of the funniest Las Vegas Magicians. Americans have already seen him perform in the TV show “America’s got talent” but it’s been a few years now.

The Las Vegas Magicians Tommy WIND

Performing at the Tommy Wind Theater & Event Center, 3765 S Las Vegas Blvd. A magic show combining several techniques such as martial arts, music, comedy, and illusion. Tommy also has another talent as a musician and in his show, he plays many instruments. This magic show is perfect for children and adults

Adam London’s Laughternoon

Performing in the showroom at the D Hotel, 301 St Fremont, Las Vegas. His Magic Show is actually a very entertaining magic comedy that lasts 1 hour. It’s a children’s show but adults will also have a great time.

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