Write For Us

Content is God for website. Writing content is an art. Writing is an hobby for me thats why I’m providing a unique platforms for writer to express their views on various topics. Always choose a topics that attracts more readers. There are various types of readers in the world. Targeting all the readers in single content is really tough tasks. It will be helpful of we will target the readers in category.

As a writer I try to write for the unique groups readers. Like that if you are writing about the ladies dress then it will get traffic from the young group of ladies. Write technical content for engineers and young entenprours. Having knowledge of categorising the group of readers is the key point for the writers.

I’m providing a unique platform for all the writers where you can express your views.

Guest Post

Guest post is the way from which a writer will get the link from third parties websites by posting a content on third parties website.

Guest post is too much beneficial. Your authority of website will increase by posting a content on another website inserting a link on the content of your own website. Guest post also drive traffic indirectly.

Guidelines For Guest Post

Article Length

The length and quality of the article is the key point. The Article length between 800-2500 word is awesome. We never accept content less than 800 words.


We accept only unique content. Always try to write unique content. We never post plagiarised content as it’s violates the google guidelines. Also, copying other’s idea is not good. If you want to write a content and post then send us unique content.


We accept widely accepted topics that gain some knowledge for our beloved readers. Choose topics like business, technology, health, travel, etc. We never accept casinos, gambling, adult conent.

Things To Remember

  • Always write more than 800 words. non plagiarized content.
  • Write SEO Optimised content.
  • Put internal link.
  • Put high authority link (no-follow).
  • One featured image
  • Mention Category
  • At least one tag.

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