5 Amazing Kokum Butter Benefits For Skin And Hair

Natural butters are incredibly famous for their emollient properties. Their ability to moisturize the skin and repair it makes them an ideal ingredient to use for skincare products. With different kinds of butters in the market, it becomes a challenging task to find the right product. However, kokum butter benefits for skin and hair make it the favorite butter of many individuals.

  • About Kokum Butter

Kokum butter is produced from the dried seeds of Garcinia indica plant, which is commonly called kokum. The tree species native to western coastal regions of India is famous for its healing properties. The butter made of tree’s seeds has mild to non-existent fragrance, which makes it a fantastic ingredient to use in skincare products. 

The butter has a dry texture. It can be mixed with other butters in the market. Apart from that, it has a long shelf life. These features come together to make kokum butter an ingredient for cosmetic formulations, such as soaps and lip balms.  

  • Benefits Of Kokum Butter For Skin And Hair

The butter type is around us for many years, and its healing properties have linked it to infection treatment and disorders. Also, the ingredient has various kinds of skin and hair benefits, letting it stand apart from its counterparts. 

  • Skin Cell Regeneration 

In the past, researchers have come to know about kokum butter’s ability to regenerate skills cells. Also, it prohibits the cells from degenerating. As the butter type has emollient properties, the skin easily absorbs it and allows to quickly penetrate the layers of the dermis. The ingredient reduces inflamed skin and ensures that inflammation can be prevented in the future.

  • Acne Treatment   

Those who are worried about their acne problem can get kokum butter to use on their acne-prone skin. The butter is a lighter moisturizer that effectively suits skin that produces more than average oil. This feature makes it the perfect ingredient to use in beauty soaps. Apart from that, the butter type comes with anti-bacterial properties that make it a lot easier to remove bacteria that causes acne.

  • Fight Signs Of Aging

Visible signs of aging aren’t difficult to fight when there is a product made of kokum butter. It has antioxidant properties blended with the moisturizing ability. This mixture helps to regenerate skin cells and reduces wrinkles on the skin. Apart from combating the aging signs, the butter type also restores the skin softness and keep it hydrated. 

  • Skin Protection Against Free Radicals

When it comes to rich sources of vitamin E, butter made from kokum seeds grabs the top spot. Coupled with essential fat, it becomes a powerful antioxidant that improves skin health and protects it against free radicals, which are environmental toxins commonly found in the environment. 

  • Treat Hair Problems   

The type of butter not only improves skin health, but it can also be used for scalp treatment and to get rid of various kinds of hair problems. According to experts, the ingredient can be used in hair care products to treat dry hair, split ends, and dandruff. Those who are suffering from hair loss can also use the ingredient for satisfactory results. In addition, it makes the perfect source to promote strong roots and hair growth. 

Where To Get Quality Kokum Butter   

Due to endless kokum butter benefits for skin and hair, the ingredient is extremely famous and can be purchased from many places. However, a buyer should choose a high-quality and yellowish butter produced from kokum in India. It needs to have high oxidative stability to use it to create different types of products. One can use it as a replacement for cocoa butter for expected outcomes. 

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