5 Biggest Men Grooming Mistake and How to Fix Them

Grooming the body is equated to the acts of shaving, styling or even trimming your hair from some of your male body parts. Other people will use different languages for grooming and refer it to manscaping. Compared to women, men have it easy when it comes to their grooming. Most of us assume that what we do it right since it leaves us looking good and admired by other people. 

In most cases, as long as someone brushes their teeth and showers daily, one can pull through a day without feeling off. However, as much as it sounds easy to hack a good look, we guys always end up screwing things up since we lack some of these basic facts. This article, therefore, points out some of the biggest and most obvious mistakes done by most of us.

  • Shampooing every day

Some of us believe that just because we spend ample time in the shower shampooing our hair and beards means that we are extremely clean. This is a complete hoax! Using shampoo on our hair too often will dry your strands since it leads to the overproduction of sebum. The more you get rid of oils from skin, the more the sebaceous glands get triggered to produce more sebum. It is therefore recommended that you use hair shampoo twice or thrice per week. Moreover, ensure that your beards are shampooed as well. After all, how long does it take to grow full beard? It takes a little time as long as you shampoo the beard hairs as soon as they sprout after shaving. 

  • Getting into bed without washing your face

We have all been victims of jumping into our beds without visiting the sink. This is not even once or twice. For the honest ones, they can agree that this happens all the time, not unless they are feeling unwell or passed by a gym or had a run. 

Unfortunately, this is very bad behavior that we all need to let go since we are encouraging oil, dirt, and bacteria to build up on our faces. Eventually, the skin gets damaged and we may even experience breakouts. The trick here to wash your face with a mild cleanser every morning and evening before retiring to bed.

  • Using cheap hair combs

As long as the hair looks combed, a man will step out of their house into the office feeling all groomed and geared up for the day. However, what they fail to contemplate is one simple question; is my comb up to quality?

Most of the combs used are given for free or cost below $10. These cheap combs carry along some of their problems such as jagged ends. As a result, they end up causing hair breakage, reducing its volume, or even weakening it. For this reason, you should start investing in a more worthy comb. After all, you only need once which will push you through for about a year or so. 

  • Untrimmed nose and ear hairs

Have you ever seen someone with hair hanging from their nostrils or ears? Well, it is completely unsightly! Most of the men overlook these hanging hairs and end up assuming that is doesn’t matter as long as other areas are well taken care of. 

Truth is, you ought to learn how to trim these hairs to prevent other people from seeing them. There are very good trimmers in the market today and will do such a good job that no one will ever realize that your hairs ever existed. Just make sure that you get the right trimmers that can get to every part of your hidden ear or nose. 

  • Rough feet and hands

Most men believe that they should appear and feel manly in the presence of ladies. Some even go extreme and neglect their feet and hands in the name of being manly. As a result, callouses build up on these areas making the skin appear dry and rough. Others also get used to sandals or walking barefoot and as a result, their sole hardens. 

The best way to remove this dry skin is by taking a hot shower since it softens the skin in these areas. You can also get used to using a pumice stone to remove the excess dead skin on the sole of your feet.

Men should learn to take care of their bodies and should, therefore, avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes. They also need to be well-groomed just like their female counterparts.