5 Foreboding Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing A First Family Car

Buying the first family car is exciting. You can’t let the excitement get in the way of all the logistical aspects of buying a car and making a smart car decision. It should be no surprise that no car dealer is on your side when it comes to buying a car. All dealers are out to make money or they would not be there to sell you one. So there are some things you can control and others you can’t when buying a car. The best things you can do is try not to make some of the biggest family car buying mistakes that some people make. Here is a look at seven of them.

Not Understanding Financing

Hands down, the price of a car is what it costs after financing. Yes, the sticker price is the starting price. Everyone has to start somewhere. Many people make the mistake of not going over the terms of the financing. You get in the dealer. You are there for a long time. You want to get in your new car and go. They count on you being anxious and not paying attention to the extra fees and cost involved. The dealers want you concentrating on the monthly payment. The monthly payment sounds low, but the whole price of the car can be high. Know the boundaries of the financing. This way you will not feel any surprises.

Not Calling Insurance Before Purchase

Insurance is a yearly cost that is in addition to paying for any car. Many people do not check upon car insurance quotes before they sign the financing papers. This is a mistake because different cars will have different insurance rates. Financing companies will require you to have a certain amount of insurance on a car. Insurance companies want their car covered. Shopping around for a good rate on insurance is also important.


Many families overbuy when they buy a new car. Cars have long term expenses like gas mileage, insurance, and upkeep. So a sensible car for the family can save you money over time. First of all buying, a certified used car can be much more affordable than a brand new car. You don’t need to impress anyone but your family. Don’t buy a fancy big SUV. Save your money for your family. Buy just enough vehicle to fit your families needs. You can always rent a car to go on family vacations. Don’t buy a car for a once a year family vacation. Save your money. Drive many cars. Don’t let the way a car looks influence your purchase. Get in as many cars as possible to feel how a car really feels.

Shopping Around

Many people do not want to say no to car dealers. Once they take the time. The salespeople get paid to do what they do. They get paid well. You do not want to part with your money for a car lightly. Walk away and shop around as much as you can. Salespeople will burn you for their own dinner. So don’t be shy to shop around as much as you need for the best deal you can get.

Unrealistic Expectations

Don’t let the emotion of a new car make you forget reality. You do not want to have unrealistic expectations about what you can afford. Don’t get caught up in a trap of overspending when at a dealer and seeing cars that you wish you could have but shouldn’t. Don’t let the car dealer talk you into more of a car than you should afford. Car buying is difficult because it can play into our sense of self-worth in the community. You can let your mind think you are whoever you are. Let your budget dictate exactly who you are so that you can move forward in life.


These days you can get the carfax on a car either for free or for a small fee. It is important to look at the carfax of the car you are interested in buying. You can see accidents, maintenance, and more. Some people do not bother to look up about the car they are buying. This includes reviews and other people’s experience with the type of car a family wants to buy.

Thoroughly Looking at the Car You want to Buy

It is always good to have a mechanic look at whatever car you want to buy. They can look at potential hazards that might be on their way towards you. Test drive a car a couple of times. See what you didn’t see the first time. Really think through whatever car you buy. Don’t make a first time buying mistake by being swept up. Have your fun elsewhere, not by buying a car. Be very careful and discerning.

Well, those examples are loaded. It is tough to have to work so hard to spend money and buy a car. Your good judgment is worth every penny. You do not want to make a mistake in buying your first car and causing yourself a bunch of headaches. You can work hard while trying to buy a new car. This way you will buy yourself five years of peace with your best family car choice.

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