5 Mobile App Development Trends to look out in 2019

The past few years have helped mobile app users see so many developments which would not have been possible without the advancement in technology. From simple Smartphone apps to modern technologies like AR, VR, and many others incorporated in our smart devices, we have a lot to expect from mobile app developers in 2019.

Being a leading Mobile App Development Company in UK, we would like to update you with the latest mobile app development trends which will rule 2019 and the years to come. 

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both AR and VR technology could be considered the most talked-about technologies in the last year. Whether we look at Pokémon Go or Snapchat, AR and VR apps had a lot to offer the previous year. According to Statista, the AR and VR market will leap from $27 Billion in 2018 to $209 in 2022.

This is why big brands like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are incorporating such features to retain their users. AR helps you to easily add any object and put it in a real environment. While, VR finds its usage in gaming apps, virtual room tours, and healthcare. In 2019, we can expect its use in many industries like Gaming, entertainment, Real estate, Healthcare and many others.

2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Both machine learning and artificial intelligence finds its usage in many industries and are one of the most loved trends for tech lovers. Whether it is Virtual Assistants or Chatbots, ML and AI have a lot to offer to us. A recent statistics from International Data Corporation states that the AI industry will hit $40 billion mark by 2020. ST Engineering Antycip on How virtual reality is being used in the automotive industry.

Recent apps like Face App that predicts your future face is indeed based on AI and ML. Moreover, devices like Alexa and Siri has changed the way we use technology. This is why more and more companies are integrating their apps and websites with this advanced technology.

3. Wearable App Integration

Wearable technology has a lot in store for us. If we go by stats, the number of connected wearable devices will reach 929 million by 2021 which was only 453 million by 2017. These miniature devices have turned into smart devices which have found use in many industries like Health and Fitness, Sports, Travel, etc. 

Moreover, integrating a wearable device with the help of an app can ease out the work without having to rely on mobile device for everything. Modern wearable apps can have the capability to handle calls, speech recognition to send text and so many other things as well. 

4. Internet of Things

Internet of things which is nothing but a network of interconnected smart gadgets and is growing its importance in the mobile app industry lately. The smart gadgets having sensors, special circuits and built-in software allow gadgets to perform advanced operations with the help of a mobile app. 

Moreover, the IoT market is growing at a rate of 28.5% annually and is expected to reach $457 billion by 2020 showing the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps based on IoT. This is why enterprise mobile application development in UK has seen higher inflows of app requirements based on IoT.

5. Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is one of the most required solutions for any company or enterprise nowadays. And why not, it streamlines operations by providing better data storage, data sharing, increased loading capacity, reduced costs in maintenance and hosting and of course improved performance of an organization. 

Furthermore, a cloud app is the need of the hour that can let you access data from any place at any time. Integrating your company’s data to a cloud app will make a lot of things easier by removing all the complexities roaming around your business and secure conversation and data sharing with your clients. 

Let’s Sum This Up, Shall We?

Mobile apps play an important role in the improved performance of many industries over the years. These trends are surely going to help more companies and businesses looking for innovative solutions in 2019. 

In case you want an innovative solution for your growing business needs, you can rely on Fluper, a leading Mobile App Development Company and we will try to help you out in the best possible way.

Description: These mobile app development trends will rule the app development industry in 2019. Find out what top trends will help your business to improve manifolds.

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