5 Reasons why self-pleasure is better than dating apps

Not everyone gets their share of love and tenderness. Dating apps are alluring but somewhere they are being used as a weapon to cheat people. Putting fake pictures to portray yourself as a beautiful woman and try to use the other person for selfish means have become very common. Moreover, when you get cheated more than once, you try to find other means of self-pleasure rather than using dating apps again. Here are 5 such reasons why self-pleasure is better than dating apps.

1. Guaranteed Pleasure

Dating apps can give you an individual to go out with and enjoy the evening. But it doesn’t mean you are going to get some action as well. Being on the dating app for some fun could be tiring. It can help you get to know someone but it doesn’t guarantee that you will end up with a home run. It can be frustrating and disappointing as we all have sexual needs. So, when you want a quick release, you can always find a way to get self-pleasure, be it in a sex toy or a doll.

2. No Drama

Individuals have a flair for drama. They can turn a small issue into a big problem. This happens in every relationship, well, almost, new or old. If you want to avoid such drama, buy a Sex doll from My Robot Doll. These dolls are quiet and emotionless and so they don’t whine or complain. They don’t ask questions or get into a heated argument over nothing. Other ways of finding self pleasure could be buying some toys, watching movies, virtual chat over social media etc. 

3. Low Maintenance

The only money you have to spend on self-pleasure is when you are buying some toys or dolls. Other than that, you don’t have to spend a dime on them. While you first have to pay on some dating apps to avail premium services, then spend money on the person you will be dating, getting dressed up, booking a table in some restaurant, buying food, gifts, conveyance, and whatnot. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get any action. That’s not the case with self-pleasure. You buy them and make use of them as and when you need them.

4. No Dishonesty

Mostly the profiles on the dating apps are fake. And even after many dates, you might still not know anything about your date. They can lie about their past or present. While on the other hand, a toy or a sex doll has nothing to hide. So, they don’t have to lie. So, if you are not ready to get into the dishonesty of the dating apps, self-pleasure is the best option for you. You don’t have to be patient enough to get to know them under their layers.

5. No STD or Pregnancy

Dating apps are good if you want to have real human intimacy. But it doesn’t give you any background on their sexual activities and if they have STDs. If you only want some action, realistic sex dolls can give you that without any chances of STDs. And they won’t get pregnant as well. So, you get maximum pleasure and satisfaction with zero worries. They make an effortless sexual partner that satisfies your sexual desires with minimum complications. Yes, but they can’t satisfy you intellectually as you can’t communicate with you.

These are a few reasons why self pleasure is better than dating apps. They can fulfill all your sexual needs without much fuss or complications. However, if you want to interact with someone, or intellectually connect with them, you will have to take your chances at the dating sites. They each have their own merits and demerits, so pick the ones that suit your need. Self-pleasure or dating apps, you can have both.

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