5 Steps You Need to Follow Up to Build the Business on COVID 19 Situation

Whether you are at the beginning stages of building a business or it has been significantly affected by Covid 19, it is important to keep up with new ideas of how you can keep your business afloat. Many businesses have struggled to fight the financial strains and attract enough customers or clients. Covid 19 led to a massive economic stock which led to many businesses being forced to close their doors. It is not all lost though, and it is definitely possible to build a business during the pandemic. Follow up with these steps to be in with the best chance of success during this uncertain time. 

1. Use Effective Marketing Strategies

Improving our marketing game is of great importance, especially now that we want the best chances of drawing in more customers. People lack the money to buy things from everywhere they want, you need to stand out above the rest. Online marketing courses can be a great way to add to your skillset. Researching marketing strategies and competitors’ marketing strategies will help you know what the standard currently is. You can research which companies obtain the most customers and what they do to market their brands. 

2. Choose Digital over Traditional Marketing

As many people are being told to stay at home and be safe, using traditional marketing methods such as billboards, posters and newspapers will not be noticed as much. It is effective most of the time as it is a well-used method of marketing, people know that it works. However, if you are trying to implement the most budget-friendly marketing in the current times, digital marketing will be your best bet. 

Most people when social distancing and staying at home will be on their phones or computers. Use this to your advantage. Of course, you can find online marketing courses that are specifically for digital marketing. You may want to look into marketing on different platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a particularly useful place to market products such as clothing and makeup and other lifestyle businesses. Facebook ads are known to be particularly useful for marketing tech products or real estate. If you want to market your business without having to pay for advertisement, learning about search engine optimization (SEO) would be advantageous. 

3. Increase Your Communication

As well as improving marketing with online marketing courses, it is very important to increase communication within your business employees or partners. This applies both to those who are only just starting a business and those who have done business for some time. Increased communication ensures that you make better choices with everyone in cooperation, this will also make the team more productive and motivated despite the bad times. 

4. Take Charge of Business

If you are just starting a business, it would be advantageous to get some business experience with a course. If you are a business owner or manager then an HND Business Management course would be ideal. With more experience, you will make better business decisions and learn how to manage a business when there are changing uncertain times. This is especially important considering new techniques and policies that need to be created to keep everyone afloat. 

5. Keep Safe 

Of course, when building a business during Covid 19, you still need to make sure that all employees are safe, you make provisions to work from home when possible and you do not jeopardise your safety for business. 


In short, to keep your business afloat or make a great start to a business during these uncertain times, take an online course in marketing, opt for digital marketing rather than traditional and up your business knowledge, awareness and skills. But, above all, keep safe. 

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