5 Tips on How to Make Money from Selling Old Toys and Collectibles

Toys play a significant role in child development. Therefore, it comes as no surprise how easy it is to hoard your toys. But what if you get an excellent monetary offer for your old toys? Yes, you read that right! Your old toys and gadgets are worth more than getting stuffed in the basement. You can profitably sell transformers and pay that pending bill. Want to know how? Read on to find out.

Clean Them

Before selling your toys, clean them. Old toys tend to have damaged surfaces, dirt residue, and dust. No collectible dealer is willing to buy old, dilapidated toys, therefore ensure that your toys are in a good state before selling them.

Use water, a toothbrush, and a paintbrush to clean every bit before you sell transformers. For toys with old stickers, use a removal solution that doesn’t affect the surface.

Find Missing Parts

It’s normal for old toys to have old worn out stickers and missing parts. However, missing parts and worn out stickers reduce the value of your collectibles. Therefore, set aside toys that need a little revamp and replace the missing parts.

Look keenly chances are the parts are trodden into carpets or stuck in air vents. If you’re unlucky in finding them, then opt for purchasing these missing parts online. Online platforms like eBay have sellers who sell missing items, stickers/decals, and accessories. Chances of you finding your toys’ missing parts online are high.

Research their Value

Now that you’ve rounded your toys and everything is in good condition, it’s time to know the value of your collectibles.

Scour through the internet by checking the sold listings and get a clear picture of their value. Given that your toys are in good condition, it won’t be hard to estimate their price from your research.

Alternatively, consult with an expert seller on how to charge your collectibles or visit a legit collectible website and get an overview of the charges.

Take Clear Pictures

The next step is taking pictures for display. Do not use a smartphone with low camera qualities; images with poor quality often put off the buyer. Therefore, get a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera. 

Take good photos of the damaged areas and include detailed information about these areas—also, leverage on the proper working features by taking excellent photos of these features. 

Good images are the primary step to selling any product online; therefore, ensure the images you present to your buyer, are convincing enough.

Make a Listing and Description

Take time to add relevant information to your product. Some online platforms and sellers provide you with automated tools to set up your online listing. However, having a detailed personal listing will raise the chances of you selling your collectibles.

To make a good listing, leverage keywords such as the brand, the year of make, the year of purchase, the condition, whether it’s a limited edition or not, and the type of collectible. You can also include the specifications of each toy.

Old toys don’t have to be thrown or stuffed in the garage or basement when you can sell them. Therefore, use the tips above and utilize companies like Wheel Jack Slab by selling them your toys and collectibles.

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