6 Best Link Building Techniques – Step By Step Guide [2022]

In the real world, our associations with individuals and institutions mean a lot. The same principle (with some minor differences) applies on the internet. The links from other websites matter the most. 

This article explains 6 prominent link-building methods in steps. Continue reading if you want to build linkage with leading websites on the internet. Let’s dive in and explore this topic. 

Building Links the Right Way

There are more than 200 million active websites on the internet today and getting links from websites is not a big deal. It is not easy to get quality backlinks. However, it is possible to get quality links. 

You can still make this job easy by adopting innovative linkbuilding methods. All you need is to adopt the right way to obtain valuable backlinks. Read best practices online to learn more about it. 

The two most important points to bear in mind are: 

  • Try to Obtain Do-Follow Links: We can divide the online website mention links into two types: do-follow link and no-follow link. A do-follow link is hyperlinked and can be clicked. That is why Google counts it as a recommendation. 
  • Link to Sites With Low Spam Score: Google and other search engines have become conscious these days. You need to obtain a link from a website that has a lower than 15% spam score. You can check the spam score using different online tools. 

6 Best Link Building Techniques

There are a number of methods to link to other websites. Some specific methods need to be used to obtain high-quality links. In this part, we are going to be discussing the leading 6 link building methods: 

1. Work On High-Volume Keywords

Consider focusing on long-tail keywords in the start by you are going to focus on high-volume keywords for longterm benefits. The keywords that drive high volumes of online traffic are the real deal. Choosing evergreen keywords can be much helpful. 

2. Create Content On Your Keywords

One of the main things that you should do for link-building is to create long-form content after doing enough research. Try to write in detail on such topics that do not have enough content online already. Make sure you create top-notch content. 

3. Inspect Backlinks of Your Competitors 

It may seem unfair and unethical but it checking the backlinks of your competition will surely help you. You can use an online tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to check how your rivals link to the internet. These and more tools have made it easy to do so. 

4. Take Care of Broken Links of Your Site 

Any broken links on your website can hurt the user experience and that is why Google takes broken links as a sign of poor website administration. By using Google Search Console, you can easily fix such links. Other tools can also help in this regard. 

5. Start Guest Posting on Quality Websites 

Guest posting on reputed websites and getting do-follow links in return will help you a lot. Make a schedule and keep writing guest posts on other websites that publish posts of guests with the following links. there are countless sites that allow you to do it. 

6. Email Outreach for Possible Partnerships 

If you believe that making partnerships with similar other websites is going to benefit you, do not hesitate to reach out to them. Two websites friendly can support each other in a variety of ways. 

Last Word About Effective Link Building

You have read 6 best link building techniques. In the end, we can say that one needs to take care of a number of best practices when you start linking to other websites. 

You should keep these two things in mind: avoid linking to websites that have a spam score of more than 15% and you should try to obtain a do-follow link from other websites. 

If you do not know much about link building or you do not have time to do it, you can speak to a link building expert or a representative at a  link building agency. They will help you. 

So go and get valuable backlinks. Do not worry about the number of links as long as your website links to quality websites. I wish you all the best with your website ranking goals.