6 Reasons To Migrate WordPress To New Hosting Service

Web hosting is an important aspect of website management which affects the performance of an interface. Many WordPress users are first-time website owners who do not understand how critical it is to choose an efficient host. A lot of them opt for sharing services which are cheap and beginner-friendly. However, with the passage of time as the requirements of their interfaces grow they start facing hosting-related issues. The loading speed is affected and visitors complain of being unable to access the website during peak demand. This is the time when they must migrate WordPress to a new hosting company. There are several other signs which indicate that the switch must be made. In this post, we are discussing the major reasons to shift your WordPress interface to another hosting provider.

1. An Increase In The Downtime

Downtime occurs when a website becomes unavailable to visitors. The reputation of an interface is affected when it is repeatedly found inaccessible by users. Even the search engine rankings will plummet as Google will mark such instances as negative user experience. Poor hosting is a major cause of downtime. This can happen because of the depletion of resources in a shared environment or low-quality infrastructure of the service provider. Inefficient security features of the host can also cause the interface to become unavailable. In case, you find that downtime is occurring repeatedly, then it is time to change the host. 

2. Slow Loading Speed Of The Website

Better internet speed and advanced gadgets have made the modern web surfer impatient. People do not want to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load. The page loading speed is not just important for good user experience. It is also a key ranking signal used by Google to finalize its search results. Interfaces which take too long to load will never feature in prominent positions in SERPs. The crowded environment of a shared server majorly contributes to slow loading speed. This usually happens when user demand reaches a peak. Imagine you are running a WooCommerce store and the website slows down during Christmas shopping season. You shoppers will be disappointed and you will suffer huge losses. It is better to switch to an agency which provides you with a dedicated server so that your website accesses a powerful processor, greater bandwidth and dedicated RAM.

3. Emergence Of New Requirements    

A website always remains a work in progress. There is always some tweaking which needs to be done or a new feature which must be added. A big reason many people convert HTML to WordPress theme or migrate from other formats is the CMS provides an easy way to add new features. However, all your efforts of improving your interface will amount to nothing if your hosting server is incapable of supporting the changes. This mostly happens with shared plan users where multiple interfaces are existing in the same environment. This makes it hard to get more resources necessitated by the addition of new functionality. In order to fulfill your custom requirements, you must migrate WordPress to new hosting.

4. Inefficient Customer Support

A good hosting company will not only provide assistance on server-related issues but also on other aspects of website management. Managed WordPress hosting service providers give a range of troubleshooting advice on handling websites made with the CMS. If the company that you are registered with is not providing you such guidance, then you are not getting full value for your money. Moreover, if you find it hard to reach its customer support cell or do not receive proper help on issues, then you must make the switch. Any sign of poor client support is a good reason for terminating your current subscription plan and moving to a better one.

5. Present Plan Is Not Cost-effective  

Hosting subscription is a significant expense for all website owners. In fact, it may be the largest expense for WordPress users who do not have to spend any money on building an interface. They can even get themes and plugins for free if they want to. You must carefully assess whether you are getting value for money in your current plan. If you are witnessing downtime or security issues, then even a cheap package is not productive. On the other hand, signing up to an expensive plan when your requirements are low also does not make sense. Switch companies if you feel that you are not optimally using your money.

6. Low-quality Server Security

It is the duty of the hosting company to provide a secure environment to its clients. A service with low-quality security features will expose your interface to serious risks like hacking. This can lead to loss of valuable information. It will also decrease your credibility and negatively impact your reputation among the target audience. Shift to another service when you see signs of ineffective security.


The wrong hosting company can seriously impact the performance of your website as well as your business. It can also hamper the workflow of enterprises like WordPress development services. Research and compare the plans and features of various agencies before choosing a service provider.