6 Websites Where You Can Find Employer Reviews

It‘s no doubt that most companies are not always transparent with prospective job seekers during the recruiting process. That makes it quite tricky for job seekers to understand how potential employers treat their employees, whether in a good or bad way.

In cases where companies are not honest with potential employees, the employer reviews can be of crucial relevance. Many employer review sites provide accurate information that can help job seekers understand companies better before working for them.

In this guide, we discuss six of the best review websites for employers to help you learn more about a company before accepting a job offer. Keep on reading to get more info.

Top 6 Employer Review Websites

You can gain insights into what employees talk about their past employers by visiting the employer review sites. Here are the best sites with detailed information about companies.

1. Glassdoor Employer Reviews

The fact that Glassdoor is one of the best employer reviews site is undisputable. It has a built database with over eight million company reviews, salary reports, workplace insights, and employee benefits reports. Employees contribute most information in this database.

One great thing about Glassdoor is that it provides comprehensive reviews about different companies. Here, you will find the most insightful reviews from employees, including the most emotional or personal information on how a company treated an employee.

Another thing is that Glassdoor provides an open-ended section for writing the pros and cons of working in a particular company. It has an overall review rating scale of 1–5, a CEO approval rating scale of 0-100%, and a recommendation scale is also 0-100%.

2. Indeed Employer Reviews

The Indeed website is one of the largest job sites that also provide employer reviews. It makes it easy for prospective job seekers to get insights into an employer’s profile before applying for a job. This website has millions of jobs and over 72 million employee ratings.

Indeed’s review rundown comprises of a rating scale of 1-5 for overall employer reviews, work-life balance, employee compensation-benefit plans, job security and advancement, management, and company culture. It also has pros and cons of various companies.

If you are applying for a job in Indeed website, it’s prudent to read a company’s reviews carefully. For example, indeed.com/Knowledge-First-Financial-reviews can help you find more information about the RESP Company alongside its pros and cons.

3. Comparably Reviews Platform

Comparably was originally a compensation and culture data platform that just launched their employer reviews platform recently. It provides ratings for diversity, gender balance, and a company’s overall culture. Besides, it has clear graphs for quick comparison.

Comparably provides a company’s overall culture score derived from employees’ reviews and ratings of different categories. With this website, job seekers can filter any company’s data and compare it with other companies to select the best place for work.

With its comparison functionality, Comparably offers a well-established breakdown for all companies’ data and culture scores per department, including how each ranks the CEO. Other information includes salary information, competitor comparison, and gender score.

4. CareerBliss Reviews Platform

CareerBliss is one of the latest employer reviews platform that serves multiple groups of people in the job market, including job seekers, direct employers, and recruiters. Potential job seekers can review employers’ profiles and apply for jobs at the same time.

If looking for a complete salary data, CareerBliss will be the most convenient platform to visit. The website offers in-depth salary data for each company based on the job position. Besides, you can also compare the national salary averages with geographical averages.

CareerBliss has a unique rating known as the Bliss Score that includes user-generated points about each company’s pay-scale, job satisfaction, and employee happiness. Other resources include links to job openings and company salary distribution.

5. Kununu Employer Reviews Platform

As the top Europe-based employer reviews platform, Kununu has more than one million reviews for over 250,000 companies in the world. It allows workers to rate their employers on a 1-5 scale and state the pros and cons of each company they worked for.

As an alternative to Glassdoor for the German-speaking market, Kununu’s primary objective is to promote transparency. It provides accurate and reliable information about a company, including employers’ profiles, ratings, and workplace reviews.

Besides availing information about a company’s work environment, Kununu website gives additional information you won’t find anywhere. Such info includes parking accessibility, workplace safety, desirable office location, and environmental friendliness.

6. Vault Employer Reviews Website

Vault provides access to employer reviews, ratings, and rankings of 5,000 companies in more than 120 industries. It offers premium research data to employees in exchange to reviews of their current and former employers, including uppers, downers, and comments.

Vault website provides information regarding a company’s financial performance, salary and employee benefits, quality of life, career advancement, reputation, acquisitions, and interview process. Besides, it also provides in-depth information about each department.

Final Words

Now that you have a list of employer review websites try to understand each employees’ opinion when reading through the reviews. Read more than three reviews to get a clear picture of a company’s profile. To gain a sense of how a company has evolved, you can read both the past and recent reviews.

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