7 Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

 Sings are an integral part of a wedding ceremony or reception decoration. With custom wedding signs, you can greet your guests at the entrance of your wedding venue and guide/direct them where to sit and where to go for a particular object. Further, you can disclose the entire program of your marriage day using personalized wedding signs.

A Wedding Welcome Sign is available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. And so, it isn’t hard for you to find a suitable welcome sign for your wedding. You can use it to say what to want to say to your guests. Some of you keep your Welcome Wedding Signs sweet and simple with a text message such as Welcome to the Wedding of —- and —, Best Day Ever, and Two Becomes One.   

In weddings of your friends, relatives, or even colleagues, you would have come across numerous Welcome Wedding Signs. You would also have seen varied wedding signs on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Whatever Welcome Wedding Signs you choose for your marriage ceremony, they must match the tone of your wedding theme and decoration.           

Here are some Wedding Welcome Sign ideas that you can apply in getting a personalized Wedding Welcome Sign for your marriage day:

1. Chalkboard Signs

Have you decided to have a boho, casual, rustic, or vintage wedding? If yes, Chalkboard Wedding Sign to greet your guests are a perfect option for your wedding. You can create such a Wedding Welcome Sign yourself or get a custom one from an online retailer or artisan.

Selecting a rectangular chalkboard for your wedding sign will be better for you, as you can easily install it at the entrance of your wedding venue. In the selection process, you should prefer a bigger and bolder A-frame to display your greetings clearly and correctly.

2. Wooden Wedding Signs 

Having Wooden Wedding Signs will be a perfect option for your rustic, beach, or boho wedding. You can keep your Wooden Wedding Welcome Sign simple, or decorate it with theme-based accents and flowers. Further, you can make it fancy with some calligraphy. For DIY, you can take a flat wood piece. Sand, stain, and paint it with your favorite color to write your welcome message.

3. Acrylic Wedding Sign

Opt for an Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign if you have decided to have an industrial-chic vibe at your wedding. Such a sign is available in all types of geometric shapes and looks super cool on a wedding. To personalize it for your wedding, you can add fonts, colors, and a personal message of your own choice. You can get it in 3D if you don’t love having flat Wedding Welcome Signs.

For the personalization of your wedding signs, you can get acrylic boxes, write your personal messages on the front parts and fill them with flowers and greenery. This filling will make your text messages have clearer appearances.   

4. Hanging Banner Welcome Sign

Most of you (brides and bridegrooms) want to make their wedding as one of a fairy tale. You can do it by hanging your wedding sign such as a banner in a storybook castle. For making such wedding welcome signs, you can use paper or fabric. You can install it using a pole on the ground, hang in the entranceway, and suspend from a tree at your wedding venue.

5. Framed Mirror Sign

A framed mirror is an excellent option for your wedding sign. Apart from greeting your guests at the entrance, this Welcome wedding Sign provides your guests with an extra opportunity to strengthen their tie, have a look at their lipstick, and fix their hair.

Framed mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be simple and clean or ornate and decorative. Get a custom frame mirror and spray your favorite color to write your greeting message for your wedding guests.

6. Neon Wedding Sign

Do you want to have something extra bold on your special day? Order a custom Neon Wedding Welcome Sign. Even if you keep this welcome sign simple with a message like Love or Welcome, you can display it in your home text next to the photos of yours and your special one. It will work as a reminder of the special day of your life.

7. Directional Wedding Welcome Signs

In any wedding, marriage rituals take place at different places of a wedding venue. Some people have confusion about where to go to be a witness of a particular function at a wedding. Some of them have to struggle to find essential things, such as where to sit, and where to enjoy the moment.

A directional Wedding Welcome Sign is an ideal option to greet your guests and direct them for particular things at your wedding venue. You can include directions to ceremonies, cocktail hours, restrooms, and allied functions at your wedding.


Whether a Wedding Welcome Sign is handmade or store-bought, it is an excellent medium to greet the people you have invited to your wedding. You can display your names, a greeting message, and directions to various parts/functions of your wedding to ease your guests. With a custom one, you can easily tell your guests what to want to tell them at your wedding. 

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